Bachelorette's Dale Moss slams 'lies' as he breaks silence after accusations he CHEATED on ex-fiancee Clare Crawley

BACHELORETTE'S Dale Moss slammed the "lies" as he broke his silence following accusations he cheated on his ex-fiancee, Clare Crawley.

The former Bachelorette contestant had been the one to reveal he and Clare had gone their separate ways, blindsiding her with his announcement.

The 32-year-old former NFL player said: "I finally feel comfortable getting on here after having some time to process everything that's going on and I know a lot of y'all have seen me smile on social media and say that I'm not as hurt or burdened by this but that's the farthest thing.

"This time has sucked and thank God I have the friends and family I have because they've literally had to carry me in the last two-plus week.

"And building a relationship in general is tough, especially when you're doing it on the public eye and media will take things and run with them.

"People will spread lies and point the finger but the fact of the matter is there's not one person to blame in this situation and like every relationship, we've had our ups and downs and have gone through our things but the things that came out, these things came out of nowhere.

"And I love and respect Clare enough to let her know how I feel, it's gonna take time – I wanted nothing more than this relationship to work and I put my heart and soul into it each and every day.

"And I wanted nothing more than to build a healthy relationship, while this is going to be difficult, what you'll see from me is trying to practice what I preach and continue to put my best foot forward each and every day and I'm also gonna try to find joy and happiness in each day and continue to share that, and everything else is in God's hand, so."

Following Dale and Clare's confirmation their relationship had ended, rumors began to swirl the real reason behind the break up was that the 32-year-old NFL alum had cheated on the Bachelorette.

Despite them announcing their breakup this week, he had actually ended the relationship last week with the excuse that he was not ready for commitment.

Fans of the show will know that Dale proposed to Clare on national TV just two weeks after the premiere of the ABC hit show.

As their breakup unravels, more information is surfacing with a source close to Clare revealing she knew about the other woman and would often question Dale but would get dismissed.

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