Apprentice star Lottie Lion egged on lover as he hit 120mph on single-lane country road

APPRENTICE star Lottie Lion egged on her lover as he hit 120mph overtaking five vehicles on a single-lane country road.

Lottie, 21, was a passenger in her partner’s Mercedes, excitedly filming the dangerous move.

The driver, identified only as Hamilton, is heard saying to her: “You’ll have to send that to me, that was sick.”

Lottie replies: “Course I will. That was f sick."

The video was posted to social media — but furious locals quickly alerted Avon and Somerset Police and she could now be investigated.

Dan Fudge said: “So people of Somerset, this is how local ‘celebrity’ Lottie Lion and her idiot friend Hamilton think it’s acceptable to drive around our roads.

“Doing speeds in excess of 120mph in a national speed limit.

"And drifting around roundabouts. They think the law doesn’t apply to them.

“They’re going to get themselves killed and most likely end up killing someone else.

“People like this are not safe to be on the road.

"Far too many people die on our roads each year, with people like this out there it’ll only get worse.”

Lottie, who appeared on the 2019 series of the business reality show, said: “I have in the past lost a friend to dangerous driving.

“If any upset has been caused by the conversation surrounding road safety in light of this video, I apologise since I know first hand how sensitive this topic can be.”

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