After Life season 3: Everything we know so far about Ricky Gervais series

After Life: Diane Morgan teases ‘amazing’ season three script

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After Life season three has been a long time coming for fans, and thankfully Netflix just confirmed some major details about the next instalment. Of course, Ricky Gervais is once again headlining the programme, with the third season picking up directly from where season two left off. has all the details on season three.

What will season three be about?

Season two saw Tony (played by Ricky Gervais) continue to grieve the loss of his wife.

The season finale saw him plunged back into grief again following the death of his father, Ray (David Bradley).

It is highly likely his funeral will take place near the start of season three, though this is unconfirmed.

Most of the third season will likely explore the loss of Tony’s father, with Gervais’ character now dealing with the burden of two sets of grief.

Meanwhile, Matt’s (Tom Basden) marriage was on the mend in season two, with fans hoping it stays on that course throughout the third season.

The specific plot of season three is unconfirmed, though it will likely be bringing several arcs to an end.

One major one is the fate of the local newspaper, with it currently on track to be saved.

This has helped give Tony a new lease on life, giving him purpose once again.

What is the release date of season three?

Season three was first confirmed by Netflix back in May, with production racing ahead earlier this year.

It has locked in a January 4 release date, with the complete season being available on the premiere day.

There will be six episodes in the season, each predicted to follow the familiar half-hour format.

The release time for the season will be 12am PST in the USA, meaning it will drop at 8am GMT in the UK.

Who is in the cast of season three?

The cast list has not been confirmed for season three, with only Ricky Gervais’s Tony announced to return.

Many of the show’s familiar faces will likely show up too, including Matt (Tom Basden), Lenny (Tony Way), Kath (Diane Morgan), and Sandy (Mandeep Dhillon.

As with season two, it is expected that there will be new characters making an appearance, but no one has been currently confirmed.

Fans are also hoping to see some more flashbacks, meaning we could see new actors step into the younger shoes of the main cast.

Will there be a fourth season?

Typically for Gervais’ shows, they only receive two or three seasons.

This is because the star doesn’t want to continue them any further, always looking out for the next project.

That is true for After Life, with Gervais telling the Mirror that season three will be the show’s last.

Gervais explained: “I’ve already made my mind up there won’t be a four.

“And you do put those things out there to make you remember as it’s tempting but… there’s an old saying that ‘to lead the orchestra, you’ve got to turn your back on the audience’.

“That’s true. The audience think they want another one, but they’re not sure. So you’ve got to be careful.”

After Life season three will premiere on January 14 exclusively on Netflix. 

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