Absolute fix Great British Bake Off fans slam show after Freyas exit

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Viewers of the Channel 4 show have been left angered after Freya, who made history as the first vegan baker on The Great British Bake Off, but was eliminated from the show just before the free from week. The teenager tearfully left the show during week five, and fans are now accusing the show of being fixed.

Freya ambitiously used only plant-based ingredients each week, but was forced to use dairy products after her bread failed to rise.

Taking to Twitter, fans of the show questioned the vegan’s ill-timed elimination.

Mark wrote: “@That’s an absolute fix on GBBO, George should have gone, not Freya!”

MeganTangerine penned: “As if Freya got eliminated and now they’re having Vegan week #GBBO.”

QUIXKSlLVER shared: “Not #GBBO having a vegan week without freya.”

“They’re doing a vegan week *without* Freya!?!? She’d have destroyed the lot of them!! #GBBO,” Iceman argued.

@AlfieWilliams echoed the view that elimination was deliberate, writing: “Free from week, No wonder Freya had to go… she would have had “an unfair advantage” what’s the point in taking part in a show if the judges are going to be biased and it’s all scripted anyway.

“Never used to be like this, what a disappointment. Respect to all my vegans. #GBBO.”

Janice Silver stated: “I love #GBBO I’m catching up and feel that they got rid of Frey because of pastry week the following week because of the pie showstopper and I’m so annoyed, she’s amazing and pie filled with animals is not what we need right now #vegan #COP26 show the world what’s possible!!”(sic)

Freya left the tent during the shows first ever German week in an emotional elimination, and fans shared her sadness.

The latest episode saw George leaving the show after facing a disaster with his caramel tart.

The 34-year-old became the latest baker to leave after Paul deemed his caramel tart and biscuit bar as being able to “take your teeth out”.

The father-of-three’s creation of a chocolate coated biscuit bar during the technical challenge left him at the bottom of the pack.

Meanwhile, Jurgen was crowned star baker once again.

Many fans have the 56-year-old tipped to win the show after Paul and Prue selected him as star baker several times.

Baker Lizzie was also close to being eliminated in the latest episode.

Her dome showstopper didn’t quite go as she had planned in terms of taste.

After his elimination, George commented: “There is a bitter sweetness, my showstopper I was proud of but the rest wasn’t great.

“But my family are so proud I’m even in the tent and I’ve had the best time.”

The Great British Bake Off continues on Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.

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