Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb React to Clare Crawley Dragging Abigail in Dale Moss Breakup

Update! It looks like Abigail Heringer has (verrrrrry subtly) reacted to Clare Crawley dragging her into Clare’s breakup with Dale Moss. But this is all kinds of convoluted, so let’s go back, back to the beginning real quick—when Clare seemingly confirmed reports that she and Dale were over and randomly tagged Abigail (note: Abigail has since untagged herself):


The post came after Instagram account Deuxmoi shared an anonymous tip from someone claiming that a Bachelor in Paradise star had hooked up with a recent Bach Nation winner, causing people to jump to some Abigail + Dale conclusions. MEANWHILE (sorry, this story has many parts), a source told Us Weekly that Abigail and Dale had hooked up before Paradise began and Abigail “was under the impression that he and Clare weren’t serious.” But then another source told Us that Abigail and Dale never so much as kissed, so who knows what to believe. Point is: Clare clearly thinks something happened.

Cut to Abigail’s reaction, which comes in the form of her appearing to laugh in the background of a video by Noah Erb. Who yes, she still seems to be dating despite breaking up on Paradise.

“So, I just checked my phone and I saw some DMs and some spoiler accounts and a lot of interesting stuff swirling around,” Noah said on Insta Stories (captured by @bachelornation.scoop), adding “Huh.” He captioned his story, “A lot of interesting stuff swirling around … It must be spooky season.”


Again, it’s not confirmed that this is Abigail laughing, but it sounds exactly like her and also we know she and Noah were hanging out over the weekend thanks to Reality Steve:

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