Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston Tease ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie With a New Photo


Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, you big teases!
The actors shared another photo to social media that suggests the “Breaking Bad” movie may be coming out even sooner than we expected. Which, frankly, can’t be soon enough.
Both tweeted the same photo of two donkeys with the word “Soon” on June 25.

Aaron Paul/Twitter

Today, they both shared a new photo of the two of them wading through a muddy creek with Cranston wearing Walter White’s familiar porkpie hat. The caption: “Even sooner.”
The film, according to Slashfilm, will “track the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom,” that is, follow Paul’s character, Jesse Pinkman,  after the 2013 series finale.
Since Walter died in the finale, it’s not clear how he can come back for a post-series role. Unless he didn’t real die. Or he’s a ghost or a figment of Jesse’s imagination.
Cranston has previously stated that Walter White is most definitely dead, so you tell us. Evil twin? Somehow immortal?
The project has been shooting under the code name “Greenbriar” in New Mexico.Deadline reported in February that the film will air on both Netflix and AMC.
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