12 huge Emmerdale spoilers revealed in our summer preview

Emmerdale has one heck of a summer lined up for fans as dramatic exits are on the verge of airing while aftermaths of dramatic storylines come to a head. Meanwhile, big and bold new plots packed with shocks will launch – from a horrifying discovery to forbidden passion, it’s all heating up.

As Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) continues to suffer from his manipulation at the hands of Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein), Victoria Barton’s (Isabel Hodgins’) ordeal is far from over – and it could well trigger a shock exit for Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley).

Elsewhere, Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) faces temptation while one resident is shot in a horrific siege…

1. Victoria’s ordeal is set to get worse when she comes face to face with Lee’s mum Wendy, who is adamant that her son is completely innocent of the crime. But as Victoria can’t shake off the past, will the revelation that she is pregnant mean that she can never be free of Lee and Wendy?

2. David and Leyla continue to struggle to build bridges with Jacob and the issue doesn’t seem set to be resolved any time soon as he continues to blame them for Maya’s incarceration. But as David makes another mistake, it could be Liv who breaks through Jacob’s barriers and makes him see the truth of what happened to him.

3. Relations between Cain and Moira haven’t exactly been on top form of late and with Moira finding herself in a bit of a rut, her head seems to be being turned by hunky farm hand Nate. While Nate is in a relationship with Amy, could tension rise between him and Moira, leading to a sizzling summer affair?

4. Another relationship on seriously dodgy ground is that of Pete and Rhona, who have been struggling to make things work since Rhona’s hysterectomy and menopause. And we have no doubt that the fact that Pete shared a kiss with vicious Kim recently will come back and haunt him. How will Rhona react?

5. It’s been a long journey to get to where they are but the end may well be nigh for Robron as Robert is set to leave. Whether or not he could start a new life away from the village with Aaron remains to be seen but as he can’t let his hatred for Lee go, will he end up losing everything after taking drastic action?

6. Megan is trying to get her life back on track after almost ending up in prison. But when a turn of events leads to an exit, where will that leave Frank?

7. Bernice’s suspicions over Liam’s past aren’t going anywhere and more and more signs are found that he is hiding a dark secret from the past. Could he have killed his ex-wife or is Bernice barking up the wrong tree?

8. Vanity fans have a lot to look forward to as Vanessa and Charity want their own place and are also looking ahead to a wedding. As things are more stable for them now, is it time to set a date and get some real plans underway?

9. Jamie and Andrea are here to stay and Kim is going to have to get used to it. The trouble is, she likes to get her own way – no matter what the cost. So what scheme does she have up her sleeve next?

10. As Billy falls deeper and deeper into a world of crime, his rash decision to work with the police and get Max caught in the midst of his robbery backfires. An armed Max turns up in the village looking for revenge and he bursts into the cottage. A struggle ensues and a gunshot rings out…

11. Laurel and Jai continue to keep their passion a secret. But secrets never stay that way for very long in the Dales – but how will this new relationship go down?

12. With Charley Webb set to head off on maternity leave, it remains to be seen how we will wave goodbye to Debbie. At least she has managed to make things up with Cain – but will it last? Or will new trouble drive her from the village?

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