1000lb Sisters fans fume over Tammy’s ‘unacceptable’ behaviour

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy weigh in shows she’s lost 60lb

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Tammy Slaton and her sister Amy Slaton-Halterman are still working towards a healthier lifestyle in the fourth season of 1000lb Sisters. The series has become one of the most popular reality shows on TLC, but viewers are becoming increasingly frustrated with Tammy’s behaviour towards those who are trying to help her.

Fans have once again called out Tammy for her bad attitude after a row with her therapist, Dr Connie Stapleton.

In this week’s episode, she was surprised to see she had actually gained 10lbs and now weighed a total of 583.9lbs.

At over 30lbs heavier than her goal weight to qualify for surgery, Tammy was frustrated and couldn’t understand how she was gaining weight.

Before her procedure, Tammy was also required to take six sessions with her therapist, and their second call didn’t go as planned.

Throughout the session, Tammy behaved rudely to Dr Stapleton and refused to answer her questions about her daily routine.

The conversation ended disastrously when Tammy told the therapist to “stop analysing her” and disconnected the call.

Viewers who tuned in on Tuesday were furious with her response, and couldn’t understand why she was trying to push those who have been trying to help her away.

@jamaicandougla tweeted: “Tammy shuts down and hangs up on the one person who can really help her confront her issues and heal… The therapist, Dr Connie Stapleton, didn’t deserve that.”

@zeta_noelle said: “As a therapist, me and Tammy would’ve had words cause ain’t no way you gonna treat me like that.

“And girlz it’s her job to analyse you. Calm down. This is why I can’t stand her. She is disrespectful to those trying to help her.” (sic)

@Lovemyaussie201 wrote: “If I was Tammy’s therapist, I wouldn’t be long reminding her she needs her approval for weight loss, and to grow the hell up!

“You’re not going to waste my time acting like a petulant child!”

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And @itsmygreylife added: “Tammy is so f*****g rude. The therapist gets paid no matter what. So you wanna waste the time you don’t have so be it.”

Over on Reddit, BigE1030 commented: “Tammy hanging up on the therapist was completely unacceptable.

“I think she shouldn’t get that session counted as one of the six the doctor wants before surgery. Hopefully Dr. Smith gets a bad report from the therapist that says she’s not engaged in therapy.”

And pm_me__your_drama said: “Watching Tammy in therapy is so f*****g aggravating. If they keep including them as segments I might start skipping them.

“‘Don’t want to talk about it. Please don’t ask or I am going to shut down completely.’

“Lady. You already came into the session shut down. You admitted that you didn’t want to talk at all and even the softball friendly questions that have nothing to do with your weight you refused to answer.”

Tammy has since lost a considerable amount of weight after season four was filmed, so hopefully viewers will see much more positive change over the coming weeks.

1000lb Sisters season 4 continues Tuesdays on TLC in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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