'1000-Lb Sisters': These Are the Things Annoy Fans the Most

 1000-lb Sisters Season 3 is on the way. And while fans have a lot of love for Tammy and Amy Slaton, and are rooting for them to be successful on their weight loss journeys, there are several things that annoy them. Here are some of the top things that fans are annoyed by heading into season 3 of the TLC show.

The grammar used by Amy and Tammy Slaton

Amy and Tammy don’t try to sell themselves as being highly educated, but their constant grammar mistakes have gotten under the skin of some viewers.

“For me it’s the lack of basic grammar and pronunciation,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “Maybe it’s just my inner grammar-nazi that gets frustrated but when I hear, ‘me and Tammy, me and Michael, me and Amy.’ I will literally correct them out loud knowing good and well they can’t hear me. It’s basic grammar that is taught in 1st grade, how can you be someone in your 30’s and not grasp that concept? “

The lack of cleanliness on ‘1000-lb Sisters’

Recently fans called Amy Slaton out for the state of her house in an Instagram photo. But fans have been annoyed by the lack of cleanliness on the show for a while.

“The constant farting, calling each other b***h, having a nasty a** house, and looking dirty,” one fan wrote of their annoyances. “I know you can’t always look your best at all times. But why get on tv with a dirty house and holes in your shirt? They make way too much money for that.”

“Amy’s dirty feet are disgusting,” another person wrote.”

“For Christ’s sakes clean up!” one person said. “Being dirty isn’t funny it really is gross seeing feet that are black from walking around indoors.”

Tammy blaming her siblings for her weight gain

On the show, Amy was able to lose enough weight to get weight loss surgery while Tammy continued to gain weight. Throughout seasons 1 and 2, Tammy blamed much of her weight gain on those around her.

“The most frustrating part for me is when Tammy has a bad weigh-in and then blames it on her siblings for not helping or checking in on her,” one person wrote. “But then when they do she tells them that she’s got it and doesn’t need help.”

Others wondered why Tammy’s siblings do everything she asks.

“I truly don’t get why NONE of them will say ‘NO’ to Tammy?!” one person wrote. “What if Michael said he wasn’t gonna push her around anymore? What’s Tammy gonna do? Get up and chase him??”

“Amy helps bathe her, fetches her drinks, shops and cooks for her, let’s her live in her home,” another person wrote. “Amy tries to talk to her and tell her how upsetting it is when she yells at her, and Tammy won’t have a bit of it. She won’t accept she is part of the problem, it’s all me me me.”

‘1000-lb Sisters’ Season 3

Though viewers are annoyed by a lot of things on the show, there must be things that people love about 1000-lb Sisters as well, since it was renewed for a third season. In the new season, Tammy checks into rehab to deal with her food addiction and Amy navigates being a new mom while also trying to lose weight.

1000-lb Sisters Season 3 premieres on Nov. 15.

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