Yesterday and Today: The Best Merch for Beatles Fans

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On the heels of director Danny Boyle’s recent film Yesterday — the story about an alternative reality where the Beatles never existed — we rounded up some of the best Fab Four collectibles we could find. Thanks to the fact the Beatles did exist in this reality, there are plenty of awesome, epic and…interesting collectibles out there. We didn’t find them all (that would be impossible given the breadth of Beatle-mania) but we scrounged around and came up with quite a few solid options.

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From CD and sock box sets, to books, Legos and even a jukebox (if you’re willing to shell out a few grand), there’s something in our list for Beatles fans of all ages and expertise. Impress your coworkers with a Lego model of the Yellow Submarine. Spice up your record player with a Fab Four slip mat. Annoy your significant other with a fully functioning Sgt. Peppers jukebox! Even the most diehard Beatles fanatics will find something new and enjoyable in our list.

1. The Beatles: The Original Studio Recordings

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What’s a Beatles roundup without a box set? If, for some reason, you don’t have the complete set — or perhaps you’re in the market for a physical update to your CD or record collection — look no further. This box set of all the original studio records, plus two extra Masters collection of non-album tracks and a bonus DVD, makes the perfect gift for any Beatles fan or collector.

Along with the albums and DVD, this set also contains never-before-seen pictures and notes on the albums, giving you even more insight into the minds of the artists. Each album was remastered in the Abbey Road Studio in London, so you can expect top of the line quality in this one of a kind set. Purchase: $185.42 on Amazon. 

2. Sgt. Peppers Record Carrier Case

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Whether you picked up a vinyl box set or already own every record, this Beatles carrying case from Crosley is a great buy. The case can hold up to 30 LPs and is made of sturdy metal and resilient vinyl so your records will be safe during transportation.

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And even if you’re not looking to move your records from one place to another, this carrying case would look great sitting next to your turntable as a way to hold and collect your favorite albums. We won’t judge if you stick non-Beatles records in there, just make sure the majority are by the Fab Four. Purchase: $73.40 on Amazon. 

3. The Beatles Lyrics: The Stories Behind the Music Book

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Comprised of notes, lyrics, and background on over 100 classic Beatles’ songs, this lyric book is a solid bet for any Beatles fan. Written and compiled by Hunter Davies (a legendary British author and journalist who wrote the only authorized biography of the Beatles), this lyric book will give you background information and a never-before-seen look into your favorite songs. Ever wonder how and where Mr. Kite came from or who the Beatles were talking about on “She’s Leaving Home?” Wonder no longer. With this as your guide, you’ll feel like you were in the studio as each one of these classics came together. Purchase: $12.45 on Amazon. 

4. The Beatles Turntable Slip Mat

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There’s no doubt about it, the best way to listen to The Beatles is on vinyl. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia factor, or knowing that back when The Beatles debuted, one of the only ways to consume their music was in a physical form, but something about an actual record just feels right. And since you’ll need a slip mat for your turntable anyway, why not pick up one featuring one of many iconic pictures or album covers by the Fab Four themselves.

Crosley, maker of turntables, jukeboxes and more, has a collection of slip mats featuring a picture of The Beatles, as well as covers or nods to albums like Rubber Soul, Sgt. Peppers, Help!, Magic Mystery Tour and more. Purchase: $19.95 on Amazon.

5. The Beatles Anthology Hardcover Book

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This in-depth Anthology gives any Beatles fan unbridled access into the lives and careers of John, Paul, Ringo, and George. From their first days to their breakup, The Beatles Anthology is a true to form autobiography. It’s The Beatles in their own words.

Read as a stand alone book, or use it as a supplement for the Anthology CDs, this is the Beatles like you’ve never seen them before. The book features 368 pages of photos, stories and memories from the Beatles as well as tales from road manager Neil Aspinall, producer George Martin, and spokesman Derek Taylor. If you are or know a true Beatles fan, this is a gift worth giving. No wonder it has nearly 300 5-star reviews. Purchase: $35.67 on Amazon.

6. Happy Socks The Beatles Collector Box Set

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Known for their high-quality, wacky designs, Happy Socks has teamed up with The Beatles for this delightful six-piece set of Beatles-inspired socks. Each pair features a different Beatles-related theme inspired by Yellow Submarine, from caricatures of the Beatles, to fish, flowers — and even a pair of submarine socks. If you’re looking to spice up your sock drawer and show off your love for one of the greatest band of all time, it’s tough to do better than this box set.

And while we wish they would’ve included seven pairs (one for every day of the week), six is more than enough to spice up your outfit. Purchase: $86 on Amazon.

7. LEGO Yellow Submarine Kit

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Whether you’re a Beatles’ fan, a Lego fan, or both, you can’t go wrong with this Yellow Submarine set by the Danish toy manufacturer. Featuring 553 pieces, this small but mighty set will take some time to build, but every minute will be worth it. Dive deep into the fictional world of Pepperland in your newly built sub to fight off the Blue Meanies with John, Paul, Ringo, George and even Jeremy.

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The set features mini figures of each member of The Beatles with accessories including: John’s telescope, Paul’s ‘love’ tile, Ringo’s round ‘half a hole’ tile, George’s submarine motor and Jeremy’s Apple. Another fun feature about this set is the top of the sub can easily detach, allowing you to place the crew members into the cockpit. Perfect as a desk ornament or a surprise gift for a young Beatles fan. Purchase: $120.95 on Amazon. 

Bonus: Beatles Sgt. Peppers Vinyl Bluetooth Jukebox

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The majority of this list felt a little too practical, so we thought we’d end things on a high note. Enter the Sgt. Peppers Vinyl Bluetooth Jukebox by Crosley. For a mere $13,995, you can show your friends, family, and spouse your love and devotion to the Fab Four with this jukebox styled after one of the greatest albums of all time. But, rest assured, it does more than simply look good.

The Sgt. Peppers Vinyl Bluetooth Jukebox by Crosley will hold up to 70 seven-inch records, allowing you to play all of your favorites like you’re back in a Fifties-style diner. But, as we’re in the modern era, this jukebox can do more than just play records. It can also pair to a phone or computer via Bluetooth, so if you don’t have enough singles to fill this machine, you can still use it as a beautifully designed speaker. But make sure you act fast, there is currently only one jukebox left on Amazon, and who knows when they’ll restock.

Don’t be a real nowhere man, or a mean Mr. Mustard and pick up this one-of-a-kind Sgt. Peppers Vinyl Bluetooth Jukebox. It’s worth every penny (lane). Purchase: $13,995 on Amazon.

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