What Will Happen To Your Music Once iTunes Shuts Down Explained

Apple has announced that it is laying iTunes to rest later this year, so what does that mean for our media libraries?

Sadly, it is highly unlikely that even the very best things will last forever. The incredible technology you currently use on a daily basis will eventually be replaced. Hard to imagine, and it’s almost impossible to comprehend what high-tech gadgets it will be replaced with. Nevertheless, one day we will look back and laugh at things we use in the present day.

Sometimes things are taken from us when we least expect it and send us into a state of panic. That happened this past weekend when Apple revealed it would be saying goodbye to iTunes later this year. iTunes has already been split into different, easier to manage categories on iPhone, and later those changes will be extended to Macs, reports CNBC.

Rather than all of your media being under one roof, it will be split between three. Music will fall under Apple Music, TV and movies will move to Apple TV, and podcasts will also have their own home. The worry from those who currently use iTunes was that when the update is rolled out in the fall, their entire music library will disappear. Don’t worry, that will not happen.

Apple has confirmed that when the update reaches Mac users, everything will pop up in its new home without you needing to do a thing. Handy. Windows users have even less to worry about. They will be able to continue to use iTunes in its current form. However, there obviously won’t be any updates to the software going forward. Honestly, that might well be a blessing in disguise.

iPhone users might well be reading this and wondering what all the fuss is about. Our media was forcibly split into separate categories by Apple ages ago. The update to Macs has been a long time coming. For those who were worried about what would happen to the music they have accumulated over the years, you can rest easy. Apple will do all the hard work for you and once it’s done, your media will have been neatly sorted into three separate categories.

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