Watch Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray Jam to 2 of Taylor Swift's Best Fearless Re-Recording Clips

These snippets belong with us!

Who better than Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray to share snippets of two of Fearless (Taylor's Version)'s best songs? The two Swiftie rising stars made videos inspired by Taylor Swift's music videos for "You Belong with Me" and "White Dress," as they shared snippets of the track re-recordings. (And of course, mama Taylor approves!)

"you ok? no. fearless (taylor's version) comes out tonight," Gray, 22, wrote on his TikTok with "You Belong with Me." "Here's a sneak peek of one of our favorites 😉 #taylorswift @livbedumb."

The short TikTok recreates Swift's iconic music video where her love interest holds up a sign saying "You OK?" outside of her window. In the Rodrigo-Gray version, the "Drivers License" star, 18, holds up a sign saying "Conan, you OK?" as Gray holds one back saying, "No bitch, I'm listening to the Fearless re-records."

Sharing the clips on her social media, Swift, 31, wrote, "You ok? NO cause I sent my two kids Olivia and Conan my new version of You Belong with Me and THEY ARE SO CUTE IT PHYSICALLY HURTS ME."

On Rodrigo's socials, she shared a silly video of the two singing along to sad track "White Horse" as the two wore cowboy hats in a purposely-cringey recreation!

Swift's reaction to that one? "*sobs in yee haw*" she wrote.

The two new clips shared by Gray and Rodrigo join previously released snippets shared by Swift, including "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" on Good Morning America and "Breathe (Taylor's Version)" featuring Colbie Caillat on Tumblr.

Also previously released are from the vault tracks "Mr. Perfectly Fine" and "You All Over Me" featuring Maren Morris, along with "Love Story (Taylor's Version)," which served as the re-recorded album's first single.

Both Rodrigo and Gray have expressed their love for Swift, calling her their "idol" and "icon."

"Taylor was such and still is a very massive influence on my songwriting," Gray told PEOPLE in October 2020. "I say this all the time, but she was really the person who taught me everything that I know about pop music and about songwriting."

"She knows how to tell a story. Anybody who listens to a Taylor Swift song knows that she's just the master of storytelling," he added. "She will always be my icon."

Rodrigo, who became a household name following the release of "Drivers License," echoed Gray on Apple Music 1's The Travis Mills Show earlier this year.

"She's totally my biggest idol and biggest songwriting inspiration," Rodrigo said. "To have her blessing was really, really special."

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