Ulrika Jonsson slams Liz Hurley as she brands racy topless snap ‘inappropriate’

Ulrika Jonsson has weighed in on the debate around model actress Liz Hurley’s latest Instagram snaps.

The 55-year-old caused a stir when she posted a sizzling snap of her posing in the snow, clad in only a pair of knickers and an open wool coat.

Her ample bosom nearly fully on show, Liz smouldered for the camera and showed off her incredible body, seemingly not feeling the cold snap.

She captioned the photo: "How could I resist?" and later revealed on Twitter that it was actually her 80-year-old mum Angela who had obliged in the photo shoot, rather than her 18-year-old son Damian who has taken bikini photos of her in the past.

Now TV presenter Ulrika, 53, has written a lengthy opinion piece detailing how Liz’s choice to get family involved in her risqué pics just doesn’t sit right with her.

Writing for The Sun, mother-of-four Ulrika began her essay by caveating that she is absolutely thrilled when women over 50 like Liz feel confident enough to flaunt their still-stunning bodies, and not get stuck in the trap of age.

I absolutely adore seeing more mature women showing off their wares" she said, joking: "I love seeing what is possible when you have servants or perhaps just plain old dedication and discipline.

"Lest we forget, there was a time when women over 50 were pushed aside. Ignored and overlooked, they became invisible, grey and eventually joined the purple-rinse brigade. In fact, once you hit 40, you slid down the slippery slope of collective rejection, neglect and omission."

But despite appreciating the joy of Liz being able to revel in her maturing body, Ulrika said she felt "deeply uncomfortable" in the Bedazzled actress' questionable decisions to get her family to take such intimate pictures of her.

Ulrika further claimed the star asking her 80-year-old mother or 18-year-old son to take her latest provocative, racy and seductive snap was "wholly inappropriate".

The former Gladiators presenter explained: "What I find so deeply uncomfortable about the most recent photos she has posted of herself topless in a fake fur jacket in the snow, is that the pictures were taken by her 80-year-old mum. She has also spoken about Damian, her 18-year-old son taking the snaps.

"She’s on point with everything, even the ever-so-slight view of her breasts, peeping out of the fur coat and the bikini bottoms from her own swimwear range. This is a saucy, sexy, more than come-hither picture. It’s provocative, racy and seductive.

"But would I ask my 73-year-old mum or 26-year-old son to take pictures of me in just my underwear? Not on your nelly," the star continued.

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"Firstly, it would never happen because I think they would both be mortified at the thought. But secondly, it just feels wholly inappropriate."

Going on to say the act of following in Liz’s footsteps would make her feel like she was asking her family to "witness an intimate moment", the idea of which horrified her.

Insisting she’s not a prude, Ulrika said it seemed tasteless, wrong, and Liz getting Angela and Damian involved in her photoshoot antics was "crossing a boundary".

"I don’t have a name for that boundary but it doesn’t sit well with me," the TV personality added. "

It feels a bit bizarre – no matter how perfect her bits are."

When Liz has spoken about asking Damian to take photos of her in the past, she said: "When we’re on holiday together, sure he’ll take some pictures. And you know, he’s got a really good eye and he’s studying photography."

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