Travis Scott Removed From Coachella, His Drink Dropped by Beverage Company

The ‘Astroworld’ rapper is no longer scheduled to perform at Coachella 2022 and the company who collaborated with the star on adult beverage has cut ties with him.

AceShowbiz -Is Travis Scott’s career really over? After his first-ever interview since Astroworld tragedy backfired, the rapper’s slot at the upcoming Coachella music festival was reportedly called off and his adult beverage, Cacti, discontinued.

An online petition to remove the hip-hop artist from next year’s Coachella event started almost immediately last month after the mass casualty at his annual music festivity. The campaign has since raised nearly 60,000 signatures on

Coachella organizers, Goldenvoice, kept mum on the matter while a spokesperson for Indio community declined to comment. “Any confirmation about the festival lineup would come from Goldenvoice,” they said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Anheuser-Busch, the beverage company who partnered with Travis, officially confirmed they ended collaboration with the rap star. “After careful evaluation, we have decided to stop all production and brand development of CACTI Agave Spiked Seltzer. We believe brand fans will understand and respect this decision,” they stated.

Travis Scott is facing billion-dollar lawsuits from victims and their families. He was blamed for his handling of the surge, but his lawyer said the officials were partly responsible for what happened.

The hip-hop star offered to cover the victims’ funerals but he was rejected by half of the victims’ families.

In his first sit-down, he dismissed satanic ritual conspiracy theory as he called himself a “man of God.” He also claimed he was unaware of the severity of the situation until minutes before the press conference.

When asked why the concert continued after officials declared it a mass casualty event, he insisted he did stop the event after being told to. “They told me, ‘Right after the guests get on stage, we’re going to end the show.’ And that’s what we did,” he claimed. “Other than that, there was no communication.”

He additionally denied allegations that he ignored fans’ pleas for help, insisting he did not hear anyone yelling for help. “Any time you can hear something like that, you want to stop the show,” he said. “I stopped it a couple times to make sure everything’s OK. You can only help what you can see and whatever you’re told. Whenever somebody tells you to stop, you stop.”

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