Stacey Solomon fans ‘convinced’ she’s given birth after social media hiatus

Stacey Solomon has sparked rumours that she has given birth after she vanished from social media.

The 31-year-old is currently pregnant with her fourth child and first daughter and due to go into labour at any second.

Fans are now convinced that the Loose Women star has given birth after she uncharacteristically took a sudden social media break since yesterday.

Stacey has been keeping her followers updated through ever step of her pregnancy journey so far, so her sudden disappearance has got the rumour mill swirling.

Her last post came 24 hours ago when she unveiled her stunning Autumnal home decorations but since there she has stayed quiet.

Her fans took to Twitter to speculate on the reason for her absence and many surmised that the star must be giving birth to her long-awaited baby girl with fiancé Joe Swash.

“Stacey hasn’t been on Insta in ages it feels like. She’s defo giving birth right now,” one follower pointed out.

“Yeah, she’s never offline for this long,” another fan echoed.

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“Awh I hope she’s in labour. It’s not like her not to post every hour haha. Love her,” someone else gushed.

Meanwhile, a fourth person added: “I can’t wait for her next post to be the pic of her new baby.”

It comes after Stacey said she was getting worried about a “horrendous” labour experience.

This week the star said she hoped that her fourth child would “just slide out” as she lay in bed thinking about the birth.

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The star, who is also a proud mum to Zachary, 13, Leighton, 9, and one-year-old Rex, shared: “I was just laying here thinking. And firstly, I was thinking that I can’t believe I'm still pregnant.

“I thought I would have had her by now. But actually, this is the first time I’ve been pregnant and I haven’t wished for the end of my pregnancy.”

“I was also thinking that I actually have to get her here now – into the world,” she went on.

“I’ve got to push her out. I’ve been in denial about it for the last nine months, I think.

“It’s number four, so hopefully I’ll just sneeze her out. But to be honest, I know it’s going to be horrendous. I know it’s not that bad for everyone, but I really don’t love labour. I think it really bloody hurts,” Stacey said before bursting into giggles.

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