Rosalía Swims in Cash, Sings Catalan in New ‘F-cking Money Man’ Video

Rosalía dropped a surprise double video on Wednesday, titled “Fucking Money Man.” The new visuals are accompanied by two songs: “Milionária” and “Dio$ No$ Libre Del Dinero,” which translate to “Millionaire” and “God Save Us From Money.”

If we’ve learned anything from Rosalía this year, it’s that she’s not afraid to take chances. In April, the brooding Spanish pop artiste teamed up with El Guincho and J Balvin to release their buoyant reggaeton cut, “Con Altura“; then in June she followed with “Aute Cuture,” a sassy work of femme fatale pop, and a Tarantino-inspired clip to match. Now in “Milionária,” the first of two new releases, the international pop heroine briskly sings not in Spanish, but in Catalan — the language native to her home of Barcelona.

“Només vull veure bitllets de cent/Signe del dòlar dintre la ment,” Rosalía sings between swearing, “Fucking money, man”: “I just want to see one-hundred dollar bills/Dollar signs on the mind.” Playing a lucky contestant on a Catalan game show, she steps into a glass box full of flying cash, nimbly gropes her way past a tarantula for Euros, and spins a wheel of fortune — before she finds herself standing inside a ring of fire, sporting gold Moschino chains. “Let us get rid of the money,” she laments in Spanish, “bilious as a poison.”

The morning of her video release, she took out a full-page ad in the Spanish-language newspaper of record, El País. Perhaps half-publicity, half-political statement, Rosalía’s exasperation with capitalism zeroes in on no exact target; granted, the sentiment is relatable enough to translate across three different languages.

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