Richard Madeley fears alien war if humans continue search for extraterrestrials

Richard Madeley fears a war with tooled-up aliens is on the horizon if we keep hunting for little green men.

The Good Morning Britain host, 66 – dubbed a real-life Alan Partridge – wants us to stop searching for proof of life in outer space as he thinks mankind would be blasted to extinction in an Independence Day-style intergalactic battle.

He admitted his “paranoia” while sharing a list of details on how evidence is growing for the existence of ETs.

Richard rambled: “The idea that we may not be alone in the universe is steadily gaining credence.

“Whether it’s extraordinary videos released by the US Government, fascinating personal statements from respected public figures such as UK astronaut Tim Peake, or posthumous testimony from Professor Stephen Hawking’s mega-brain, the old cliché that you had to be nuts to believe in aliens is slowly but surely crumbling.

“Pilots used to think if they reported an unexplained encounter they would be putting the tin lid on their careers. But now it seems there have been many more such incidents than anyone suspected.”

Richard added he agreed with the late Prof Hawking’s thoughts on why it is a bad idea to go alien hunting.

He said in his Daily Express column: “Stephen Hawking’s last book (published posthumously by his children) was Brief Answers To The Big Questions.

“Hawking thought it completely reasonable to believe there are countless other life forms out there, some as intelligent as us or infinitely more so. “But Hawking didn’t think we should go looking for them.

“‘If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America,’ he said. ‘That didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans.’

“I hate to sound paranoid. But maybe instead of preparing to welcome alien contact, we should be trying to ignore it.

“Or, worst case, getting ready to defend ourselves. If we can.

“Bows and arrows weren’t much use against muskets.”

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