RHOCHs Leilani Dowdings secret career cleaning horses penises exposed

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Leilani Dowding was left speechless when she discovered she had gone viral on YouTube after sharing an educational video with her subscribers.

The former Page 3 model has been an equine enthusiast her entire life but decided she would share her wisdom with other horse owners who may not be as confident.

One area in particular that Leilani shared was how to clean a horse's sheath – the external part of a male horse's foreskin.

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The sheath protects the penis and is normally the only part of its anatomy that is displayed unless the horse is weeing or is aroused.

Her video has since racked up over 1.7 million views in just one month on the video-sharing platform, something she didn't expect.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, the former Real Housewives of Cheshire star said: "I can't believe the views on it.

"I made it as an instructional video for other horse owners, I've had horses since I was a child but it's only the last 10 years or so I've known what 'a bean' is."

A "bean" is a hardened mass of dirt and grime formed in the sheath of gelding horses as well as builds-ups of dried semen and smegma.

The star went on to add: " I can't believe all the viewers own horses.

"I guess it's a bit like Dr Pimple popper, you can't help watching something that's normal but also pretty gross."

Leilani continued: "I once removed on the size of a walnut, I had noticed the horse's urine was spraying upwards onto his belly.

"He was in his 20s and I assume he hadn't been cleaned in years."

She explained she initially thought the mass was cancer but it broke down into pieces in her hand.

However, she went on to say: "Horses can't clean themselves like cats and dogs do, in the wild horses aren't castrated, and mating helps clean them."

Domesticated horses are often castrated, becoming a gelding which removes the normally driven behaviour of a stallion, allowing them to become calmer and easier more behaved.

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While Leilani often appears on GB News, she previously cleaned horses while she lived in Los Angeles and said she could possibly make more informational videos.

"Maybe I'll make some videos of the dirtier horses I clean since people seem so intrigued," she said.

Leilani uses gloves to protect the gelding during the process and uses specific sheath cleaning fluid to ensure the sheath remains clean.


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