Our Musicians on Musicians Franchise Is Now a Podcast. Check Out the Trailer


For three years now, Rolling Stone’s Musicians on Musicians franchise has brought together artists of all kinds in conversation — from Taylor Swift sitting down with Paul McCartney in London to Erykah Badu and Summer Walker going deep on love, songwriting, and UFOs to Elton John hanging out with Lana Del Rey, who showed up at his house in a pickup truck with 13 pages of questions she’d typed up. The artists have had intimate conversations about music, life, inspiration, and creativity, forging connections live and in person. Now, with our Musicians on Musicians podcast, presented by Allstate, you can hear those connections being made. 

In the first season, you’ll witness conversations between artists like Alicia Keys and Kehlani, Lorde and David Byrne, Olivia Rodrigo and Alanis Morissette, Willow and Travis Barker, all talking about what matters most to them: everything from songwriting to stage fright to cooking

The first episode of Rolling Stone’s Musicians on Musicians debuts on November 2nd. Check out the trailer below.

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