Molly-Mae: Love Islands golden girl celebrates new director role

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I despise Love Island, in fact friends have been severed from my friendship circles for watching that programme.

I'm not sure whether it's the cringeworthy attempts to find 'love' (when we all know they're chasing fast fashion brand deals), or the sheer stupidity of the contestants.

Remember when Love Island contestant, Hayley Hughes, 25, thought Brexit was about cutting down trees?

Yes. We're talking this level of ignorance.

I'm not the only one; Love Island's 2021 final ratings plummeted to 2.8million viewers, versus 3.4million viewers who tuned in to watch the summer finale in 2019.


Maybe viewers are finally seeing through the façade of the show, which is now essentially a competition to become the next best influencer.

It's painful and rarely do you associate any success with the buffoons that end up on that show.

However, there is one diamond amongst the rough, and her name is Molly-Mae Hague, 22.

She starred in the 2019 summer series and was a stand-out character, winning over the public with her personality and what seemed to be a genuine love between fellow contestant, Tommy Fury, 22.

Perhaps out of all of the contestants, Molly-Mae was the least likely to end up leaving the villa with a partner, of whom she's still with today (which is rare).

As a matter of fact, she admitted in a YouTube video, when asked about her motivations to go on the show, she saw Love Island as a "business move".

Before entering Love Island, Molly-Mae was an aspiring influencer, already with thousands of followers and saw the TV opportunity as a chance to maximise her exposure.

Well, she got that right.

The 22-year-old media personality has an eye-watering 5.9million followers on Instagram – and that's probably less than what she has in the bank.

Molly-Mae has been involved in a string of brand deals, as well as running a lucrative YouTube channel, which has reportedly made her over £500,000 a year.

Moreover, her business MMH Group Holdings, where Molly-Mae is a sole director, has reported earnings of around £11,000 per week between August 2019 and August 2020, as well as having assets in excess of £700,000.

In one of her latest YouTube videos, Molly-Mae and her manager, Francesca Britton, disclosed the star turned down a £2million deal with a popular high street brand.

These stats are staggering.

Many of you reading this will wonder why someone like Molly-Mae deserves £10,000 per Instagram post, for example.

Well, do you have millions of adoring fans?

Young girls will buy anything Molly-Mae advertises on her Instagram and this is a legendary asset for business owners.

One of her long-term partners, since her Love Island exit, is PrettyLittleThing, owned by Umar Kamani, 33.

She has worked with the brand for years, curating various collections and now, as of today, their new Creative Director for the UK and EU.

This is a major career development for the young star, purportedly entering a seven-figure deal which Molly-Mae celebrated in style this week, purchasing a £37,000 Cartier diamond 'Love' bracelet from Selfridges.

It was meticulously placed against a gold Rolex Daytona (£27,000) and Van Cleef and Arples gold and malachite bracelet (£3850).

The star isn't shy of splashing the cash and has a jewellery, handbag, and clothing collection worthy of a department in Harrods.

Here's a list of just a few of her pricey pieces, including a new Range Rover worth £32,000:

In an interview earlier this year, Molly-Mae also revealed she backed out of buying a new home with boyfriend Tommy Fury, despite making an offer.

Now, people may justifiably criticise Love Islanders, but I don't think there's anyone as wise or hard-working as this woman.

She's smashing her goals and doing it carefully, without relying on the 'show' to boost her success, unlike other contestants who can't stop milking the fact they appeared on this low-rent love series for two weeks.

Nonetheless, she has left some fans divided over her latest creative director appointment.

Over on Twitter, some users are saying the new role is "unfair" for those with degrees and others who work years for a director position.

Fans of Molly-Mae were quick to come to her defence, with one fan replying: "She went to the Fashion Retail Academy and studied for two years just like everyone else!".

The reality is, the power, influence, and creativity Molly-Mae possesses is incomparable to some grey and tired director at Goldman Sachs.

What the 22-year-old has achieved in a matter of years is undeniably amazing, especially at such a young age.

Truly, she's an inspiration to young women across the country, where through hard work and making the most of opportunities given to you, success can come in barrels.

I can't stomach most reality stars, especially from Love Island, but Molly-Mae is my exception.

She's humble, empathetic, authentic, and a hard-worker – all of which are traits I admire.

Yes, she's attractive and so is her boyfriend, Tommy, but her success comes from an unstoppable willingness to succeed.

That's why she is the MOST triumphant Love Islander to ever come off that show.

Full stop.

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