Melanie C Relieved to Know Daughter Has No Interest in Becoming Singer

The Sporty Spice finds it ‘a bit of a relief’ to know her 13-year-old daughter Scarlet doesn’t want to follow in her footsteps and start out a career in the entertainment industry.

AceShowbizMelanie C is glad her daughter refuses to follow in her footsteps. Praising her daughter as a “very creative” individual, the Spice Girls singer says 13-year-old Scarlet – whom she has with former partner Thomas Starr – doesn’t have “any interest” in pursuing a career in the public eye.

“She’s very creative but she’s not a performer, she doesn’t have any interest in it. That’s a bit of a relief to me,” Mel said.

The “Never Be the Same Again” hitmaker thinks parenting is the “biggest responsibility” and she has learned a lot about herself from raising her daughter.

She explained, “I never expected what happened when I became a mum. Being a parent is the biggest responsibility. I don’t think there’s any getting it right, it’s always a work in progress. I feel so grateful to Scarlet because, in so many ways, she is my teacher.”

“She has helped me realise who I need to be in order to be the best mum to her. In turn, that has made me treat myself better.”

Mel has just released her autobiography “Who I Am, My Story” and, though her daughter isn’t interested in reading the book now, she hopes she will one day. She told HELLO!, “I don’t think she’d be interested in it just yet because I’m not relevant.”

“She knows me pretty well already because I try not to keep much from her, but I think maybe she’ll understand me a little bit more. As much as I’m embarrassing, because any mum is embarrassing when you’re a teenager, I know she’s proud of me and I’m sure reading this book would make her feel proud.”

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