Love Island star says Instagram would be shutdown if she exposed Playboy snaps

Love Island 's Hannah Elizabeth is at risk of an Instagram ban if she shares her sauciest snaps.

The series one star was formerly a Plaboy Bunny and recently went through her collection of pictures from that era.

Over the past few weeks, Hannah has been sharing her Playboy pics to her Instagram – but exclusively told us there are some she will not be able to post.

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Hannah, 32, said: "I've got so much more to come from there, I'm going to keep doing posts about it because people are curious and like to see it. So, in going to share some more definitely."

When asked if any are too rude for Instagram, she answered: "100% yeah, because at the parties it was 'lingerie or less' so there's loads, Instagram would be shutting my page down."

She also recalled when she first printed out her pics and admitted to accidentally flashing bystanders in Boots.

The Scouse stunner used to take a digital camera to the Playboy mansion as they didn't have iPhones at the time.

Hannah explained: "I would come home at go to Boots and I've got a box full of pics from the Playboy Mansion.

"There were all naked girls everywhere and you know the machine in Boots? And the boobs came on and people were waiting behind me…"

Her precious box is kept "safe" at her mum's house as she said she would end up losing them if kept at hers.

Hannah added: There's loads of newspaper cuttings and Playboy stuff, I found an Anna Nicole Smith edition of Playboy that Hef had actually wrote on.

"I need to get some of this on my wall, some of this Hef stuff is amazing."

The OnlyFans star continued: "I've been in this Playboy phase lately, I'm listening to everything about it and that's why I went looking for my photos and I wish I could go back more than anything.

"It's so sad I'll never get to relive that time.

"It's just amazing I cant even believe it now, I was just a baby when I was there, I wish it was now and I could go back and take it all in."


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