Kym Marsh pays tribute to late son Archie 10 years after his tragic death

Coronation Street actress Kym Marsh has paid tribute to her late son Archie who died just moments after his birth in February 2009.

The youngster, who Kym shared with her ex-husband Jamie Lomas, was born 18 weeks premature after just 21 weeks of pregnancy.

In a heartbreaking post Kym, 44, urged other mums to speak out on Baby Loss Awareness Day, recalling little Archie's tragic passing.

The singer also shared framed prints of her son's tiny hand and footprint.

Also visible in the photo was a mocked-up playing card that had both a black "A" and the number "10" printed on it.

Writing in the caption, she said: "#pregnancyandinfantlossawareness Remembering all of the babies who gained their wings far too soon.

"Today is a day to remember our children, celebrate the time they were here, whether they were born or not, give thanks to those who helped us through the darkest times of our lives and help to raise awareness and break the silence of babyloss.

"I am a mother without her child. I am not afraid to talk about him or to share my experience but that wasn’t always the case.

"Talking is the biggest step forward, it’s the one thing that helps you heal, helps to raise awareness, to lift the stigma and break the silence."

Kym continued: "I know only too well how hard it is, so many feel they have nowhere to turn, no one to talk to, like no one understands.

"Believe me there is so much support out there for parents. You just need to reach out, let someone listen, let someone help. Organisations like @sayinggoodbye_charity are just wonderful.

"They can and they do make all the difference to families suffering the loss of a child. So please don’t suffer in silence. Reach out, talk, people are there for you.

"You are not alone. All that is left to say now is, fly high all you beautiful angels, I hope you’re all having fun wherever you are. Sleep tight."

Kym's fan rushed to console the star after she published the post, thanking her for her openness and honesty on the subject.

One said: "Thoughts are with you Kym and all the other families who’s children left this earth far too soon- heartbreaking – sending hugs and wishes [sic]."

Another wrote: "Sending you lots of love and light and healing."

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