Kerry Katona says she 100% believes aliens exist as she slams non-believers

Kerry Katona has opened up about the potential of extraterrestrial life, admitting that she's a firm believer in aliens.

The television personality shared her beliefs about aliens, insisting that humans cannot be the only form of life across the universe.

Former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry went on to add that while she's never had a personal encounter with an alien, she is often left baffled that people don't believe in any forms of extraterrestrial life.

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The mum-of-five, who recently reunited with her ex-husband Brian McFadden at her daughter Molly Marie's 18th birthday made the revelation after Love Island beauty Ekin-Su Cülcüloglu "saw a UFO " in America.

Writing in her OK! Magazine column, she said: "I 100% believe in aliens.

"We can't be the only life in this universe, there has to be something else out there, I don't understand how people don't believe.

"I've never seen anything myself, but I watch all the documentaries about it.

"I'm massively into learning about ancient history, I find it so interesting, we're definitely not alone."

Kerry who today (September 6), celebrates her 42nd birthday partied with Brian and their nearest and dearest as they celebrated Molly but admitted she feared it could have been awkward.

Her family jetted to The Croke Park Hotel in Dublin City Centre for the lavish celebrations as they danced the night away to LMFAO's hit song, Sexy And I Know It.

The former hitmaker appeared on a YouTube podcast and joked that Brian proposed to her after just three weeks due to her fantastic skills in the bedroom.

Reflecting on this, she said: "For God's sake, it was a joke, people!

"I use humour a lot and it's just part of my personality – I like to take the p**s and I obviously wasn't being serious."

She continued: "The timing of the headlines wasn't great as I’m going over to Ireland for Molly's birthday and will be celebrating with Brian… Awkward!"

Speaking to podcaster Shaun Attwood Kerry said: "I mean, Brian proposed to me after three weeks,” she said before turning to the camera and adding: "That's how good I am in bed."

The iconic couple were married for just two years before they parted ways, with their divorce being finalised in 2006.


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