Katie Price warned more surgery could kill her as fiancé urges her to stop

Katie Price has been "warned" that more cosmetic surgery “could kill her” as her fiancé Carl Woods shared his concerns.

As the 44-year-old’s status has risen over the last two decades, so has the number of cosmetic tweaks she has undergone.

A source revealed to OK! that Katie is “obsessed" with getting surgery and, more recently, has been told about the health risks if she continues with the procedures.

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They said: “Carl has never really liked the thought of Katie getting surgery. The thought of her having more work done really scares him.

“Katie is obsessed with getting surgery and is constantly trying to change things about her body in order to feel accepted. The risks of surgery increase each time and with age – and Katie is at high risk."

They added: “Carl is quite shocked and terrified for Katie. Each time Katie gets surgery, she’s in horrific pain and this is extremely uncomfortable for Carl to watch.

“He wishes Katie would learn when to stop. She’s had dozens of surgeries and enough is enough. Carl loves Katie for who she is and thinks she doesn’t need these procedures.”

Cosmetic doctor, Dr Aamer Khan, shared the complications that could appear if Katie, who’s had a whopping 12 boobs jobs over the last 25 years, was to consider more ops.

The doctor raised that following the many procedures Katie has undergone, any more, could lead to “death.”

He warned: “There are risks associated with repeated general anaesthesia. The more general anaesthetics you have, the more you’re exposing yourself to the risks – which include death.

“The other risks are associated with surgery itself. Surgery is such a traumatic procedure. The more surgery you have, the more scars you have. So you’re building up the scar tissue and then things can start to go wrong.”

On the topic, the mum-of-four defended her choice of getting surgery and said: “I’m in my 40s, so why not?

“Everyone knows I’m gonna do it, and everyone picks on me for it, but I’ll try these things.

“There’s so many people who have these tweaks and say, ‘I’m natural’. Are you joking?”

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