Kate Ferdinand slams trolls who criticise her for calling Rio’s kids ‘family’

Kate Ferdinand has hit back at trolls on Instagram who criticised her for referring to husband Rio 's children as her "family".

The 29-year-old often shares photos of the three kids on her social media profile and is currently expecting her first baby with Rio, 41.

On Wednesday Kat posted a throwback snap from her summer holiday which showed her swimming in the ocean.

The former Towie star captioned the photo: "One of my favourite days of this year, out at sea with the family …. no worries, happy & stress free #specialmemories."

However, one troll felt the need to post a nasty comment and referred to Kate's choice of wording.

"Ooof. Rebeccas family. I’m all for stepmoms etc. And you’ve stepped into a massive hole. But those kids are Rebeccas. And they’ll not thank you for saying otherwise," the person wrote.

"apart from that you are a lovely lovely girl. But, those wedding letters to "your" kids was terrible. Imagine if you were her looking down, or her mum n dad… not cool."

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Kate was quick to reply and commented: "Wow. Very very narrow minded. Rebecca is there mum & forever will be – a mother can never be replaced.

"But let me clarify WE ARE family, families aren’t just about blood, but who is there for us and loves us unconditionally.”

Kate continued: "Please think before you speak, are all foster & adopted children family less?! Of course not. Family is about love and choosing to be there for one another.

"We are family by CHOICE it’s so sad you don’t understand, let’s hope you never have to go through such heartache to get it."

Former footballer praised his wife for her response and wrote underneath: "well said love," followed by a red heart emoji.

Kate's fans were also keen to let her know that they thought her being a stepmother to the kids is great.

"Bless you and your family. I love that you all found each other. So meant to be," one person wrote.

A second person commented: "If anything happened to myself i would pray that someone would love my children the same."

Rio's first wife Rebecca sadly lost her battle with breast cancer in May 2015 – leaving behind him and their three children: Tate, Lorenz and Tia.

Rio married Kate in September 2019 and the couple announced they are expecting their first baby together back in June.

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