Jack Antonoff Wrote Bleachers’ ‘Let’s Get Married’ After the 2016 Presidential Election

“Let’s Get Married” by Bleachers wasn’t inspired by an actual wedding or marriage. After the 2016 presidential election, Jack Antonoff felt “freaked out” and consequently wrote this Gone Now track. 

Bleachers included ‘Let’s Get Married’ on ‘Gone Now’

Bleachers has several chart-topping hits — “Don’t Take the Money” among them. Their 2017 release Gone Now also included the song “Let’s Get Married.”

Since its premiere, this track has earned over 15 million plays on the music streaming platform Spotify. It also became a fan-favorite wedding song, even if this song isn’t about Antonoff’s actual wedding day. 

‘Let’s Get Married’ is actually about the 2016 presidential election

While on Reddit, Antonoff explained some of the meaning behind Gone Now. That includes “Let’s Get Married,” which he stated was a reaction to the 2016 presidential election, where Donald Trump was named the following United States president.

“I was looking outside, and I’ve toured for so many years, and love every inch of this country,” Antonoff wrote. “I’m not one of these like New York, LA [residents] where’s it’s like I think you know there’s this whole middle of the country that, you know, is coming from a different place, like, I know those people. I spend most of my time in the middle of the country, I’ve toured, I’ve pumped gas at every gas station, I’ve ordered at every diner, etc.”

When the election happened, the artist continued, he felt “terrified,” “devastated,” and “freaked out,” primarily because his perception of these people was different from how they actually were.  

“My reaction to all that as someone who’s made a [living] being outside of my home and meeting people and talking to people and telling them about my life and hearing about theirs, it made me want to like, grab everything and just go like, let’s get married, let’s stay here,” he continued. “So it’s not quite the love song it seems like it is. But I’m happy that one day people will dance to it at weddings and, you know, just a few of us will know what I’m really talking about.”

Jack Antonoff is unapologetically against Donald Trump

This wouldn’t be the only time Antonoff spoke out against Trump. In a separate social media post, Antonoff stated that supporting Trump is an “act of racism,” especially regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. 

In 2020, Antonoff tweeted, “it’s not that deep: Trump is a white supremacist, and Biden is a life raft. I’m not in the business of waiting on the perfect life raft. I’ll take it. Vote against racism, antisemitism, LGBT attacks, and vote for the environment and a future. Once that’s done, we can build the ship.”

Bleachers and Antonoff often support nonprofit organizations with their live performances, donating a portion of their profits to The Ally Coalition — a group that supports LGBTQ+ youth. (Antonoff even called out StubHub for not doing so.)

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