Inside Carol Vordermans changing looks as the star gushes over trim figure

Carol Vorderman has stunned fans after announcing she has dropped a dress size on social media.

The star had taken a two week break to relax in Portugal at a fitness and wellness retreat where she shared plenty of bikini snaps with her friends.

The 61 one year old is known for having a fantastic physique and is often complemented on her "sexy selfies" on Instagram.

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However her look hasn't always been the same and throughout her fame the former Countdown host has sported several looks.

To celebrate Carol's glam looks Daily Star has looked at some fan-favourite Carol ensembles throughout the decades.

The 80's mullet

In 1982 Carol joined Countdown and really embraced the 80 's style, at 22 years old she donned a mullet hair do and and wore a lot of oversized clothes in her first ten years as host alongside the late Richard Whiteley.

She embraced a 'geeky' and conservative style than fans haven't seen her sport in recent years.

However it wasn't long before she had a little bit of a makeover..

The Vord's in the 90's

In the 90's Carol changed up her look completely when she married second husband Patrick King after divorcing Christopher Mather.

She got a whole new hair style and brought in a defined fringe and wore her hair straight.

The star also experimented with a few new styles and started wearing a lot of blazers.

Carol in the noughties

When the noughties hit Carol changed up her look again, having separated from her husband Patrick, who is the father of her two children Katie and Cameron.

Along with receiving a MBE Carol took on a whole new style and opted for what has been described as a "flirty, modern hair cut".

Fans then started to get a glimpse of Carol's incredible figure as she started wearing outfits that showed it off more.

In 2005 Carol sadly lost Richard and continued to host Countdown with new co- presenters until her departure in 2008.

She seemed to embrace a more glamorous style – with her outfits, makeup and hairstyles – throughout the noughties and into more recent years in her lengthy career.

It was in 2011 that she was first awarded Rear of the Year. She received the title again three years later in 2014.

She remains the only person to have won the award twice.

Carol's latest looks

Then in 2015 the brunette bombshell made a huge decision – she ditched the brown locks and went blonde.

The last few years have seen Carol hit her stride when it comes to tight clothing, with her fashion and physique having made headlines and attracted much attention.

She announced on social media last week that she dropped a dress size whilst at a retreat in Portugal.

Carol added in the recent post that, alongside the weight loss, she is now "bursting with energy"

She also said that the Juice Masters Retreat is a "special place" to visit.


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