Im crying Pics of Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson if theyd lived

Freddie Mercury sings Love of My Life at Wembley in 1986

Istanbul-based artist Alper Yesiltas posted a series of images, reimagining what some of our most iconic and loved stars who died too young might look like if they had not been taken from us. Freddie Mercury died on 24 November, 1991, but the new shot is a moving portrait of the Queen frontman growing older gracefully but still with that twinkle in his eye. One overwhelmed fan commented “So beautiful, I wanna cry,” while another said, “This one hit me right in the feels.”

The artist himself wrote of his creations: “I would like to share with you the first collection of images of my AI-based project called As if nothing happened.

Behind this project lies the question of ‘how would people look photo-realistically if some great events had not happened to them.'”

You can find more images and info at ALPER YESILTAS’ INSTAGRAM AND ON BORED PANDA

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