How the 'Worst TikTok' of the Week 'Took a Piss on the Tropes of the App' — According to Eve 6

The Internet notoriously sees cringe as currency — with users dredging up the most embarrassing videos from the bowels of TikTok as a way to accrue likes via second-hand shame. This week, however, one Twitter user’s attempt to poke fun at a TikTok backfired, heaping praise on an unsuspecting Vegas noise act with a penchant for destroying trash receptacles.

It all started as these things often do, with a random user with “Based” in his display name tweeting out a video with the dashed-off sentiment, “This is the worst TikTok I’ve ever seen.” The TikTok in question should look pretty familiar to anyone who has been to a DIY show. A ring of bored-looking kids in black toting Bud Lites stand around in a dirt backyard as a singer writhes around in the dust, accompanied by a person with a wallet chain beating an aluminum trash can with a baseball bat. A skinny boy in a purple and black tie-dyed shirt is also standing by himself, shuffling his feet uncomfortably. He is all of us.

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Astrid Wagner, the 20-year-old singer, says the Body War group formed in May 2022 and includes 18-year-old Airon on guitar (and trash can); 18-year-old Zach on cello, bass, and guitar; Astrid himself on vocals; and 22-year-old Bren on drums. The TikTok in question was filmed by an audience member during a stop on another band’s tour. That act plans to hit the road, but not to record music.

“It began with a few Facebook groups posting [the video] at our expense, not connected to Body War in any way (nor were those people interested),” Wagner tells Rolling Stone. “It made its way onto Twitter and Instagram.”

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