Elvis Presley: Linda Thompson on dating The King ‘An intensely lonely soul’ – WATCH

Elvis Presley was ’nuzzling’ against me says Linda Thompson

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Elvis Presley dated many women during his lifetime including Miss Tennessee model Linda Thompson. The couple lived together at Graceland from 1972-76 and now aged 71-years-old she regularly posts tributes to The King on social media. Her latest on Instagram is an unearthed interview from her youth where she shared what it was like to date Elvis.

Linda Thompson posted a caption admitting she’d never seen this interview that she gave many years ago before.

The King’s former girlfriend wrote: “I was on the set of Hee Haw judging by my sweet country dress & my hairstyle!

“I hope you don’t mind all the Elvis posts…I just came back from the Lone Star Elvis festival in Dallas, & next week I’m off to Tupelo Mississippi for their festival!

“So even though he passed long ago, the amazing fans are keeping his memory, music & legacy alive!”

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Linda added: “I’m happy to be able to give knowledgeable insight into who the man was…”

In the vintage video footage, she was asked if there was any difficultly in dating Elvis Presley.

The Miss Tennessee model replied: “Not really, no. Maybe because of my youth or whatever, I’m a very adaptable person.

“And it just seemed very right and very natural when you love someone…suddenly it wasn’t Elvis on the marquee anymore it was Elvis with the little “e”. He was just a human soul that I happened to love.”

Asked what dates with Elvis were like, Linda replied: “Dates with Elvis consisted of riding golf carts around Graceland or riding motorcycles or three-wheelers or going to movies.

“He would rent an entire theatre out and show movies all night. And he enjoyed going rollerskating occasionally.

“He would rent the fairgrounds out, ride the rollercoaster 15 times in a row – that sort of thing.”

However, when going out in public, Elvis would never disguise himself from fans.

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Linda shared: “No, because he had his own walk and his own stance. There’s no way he could really disguise who he was. Not effectively.

“We tried going out a few times shopping and we would make it halfway between the car and the door of the store.

“And people would be just all over us. They would converge immediately and we’d have to run back to the car. It was very difficult for him to get out like a normal person.”

Asked what truly bothered Elvis, his girlfriend of four years admitted it was the loneliness in his stardom.

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Linda said: “He was an intensely lonely person at heart. He was so alone in his fame and his thoughts as we all are.

She would say to him how so many people love him, but The King didn’t think it was the same.

Elvis would say in response to her. “You don’t understand, it’s not a personal love. They don’t know me, they don’t know what goes on inside me. What my thoughts are, what my feelings are, what my background is. They know what they’ve read and they love me and I appreciate that love but they don’t love me in a personal way.”

Linda added: “So it was important to him to have people around he felt did love him in a personal way.”

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