Elvis documentaries are a ‘constant worry’ for Priscilla Presley – ‘Its kind of scary’

Priscilla Presley discusses her relationship with Elvis in 1985

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During Elvis Week 2021 last month, Priscilla Presley took part in a Q&A in front of a live audience at Graceland. The topic of Elvis Presley movies and documentaries came up and The King’s ex-wife shared her reservations. The 76-year-old admitted that she and Memphis Mafia member Jerry Schilling have a constant dilemma of struggling with aspects of Elvis projects, but overall prefer to be a part of them to look out for the man they knew personally.

Priscilla said: “We both battle that absolutely. There’s a documentary that’s coming out that they want to do and I’m very nervous about documentaries.

“I don’t know if I really want to be a part of it because there’s some that are people involved and it’s their take.”

Elvis’ ex-wife said how filmmakers don’t really know the truth as she does so she and Jerry just have to take a chance.

The 76-year-old said: “I try not to get involved in them unless it’s a really good director, really good producer and I’ve sat down and talked to them.”

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