EastEnders Natalie Cassidys shower confession as fans say weve all done it

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    EastEnders' Natalie Cassidy has admitted to not having a shower for three days after being busy and feeling ill – and fans have reassured her it was just fine.

    The actress, 39, mum to Eliza, 11, and Joanie, six, revealed on Instagram on Tuesday (February 21) that she last showered on Saturday, joking that she was saving money on bills.

    But as Natalie was feeling ashamed of her lack of lather, fans were quick to assure her not to worry about it.

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    One follower said: "Lol, we've all done it," while another commented: "Is it bad that I don't see anything wrong with that?" A third added: "Nah. That’s a regular occurrence for me. Ill or not!'"

    Posting a video to her 230,000 Instagram followers, Natalie explained: "You know I've always said I'll be honest on here, so here goes. I just realised, when drying my hair, that the last time I had a shower and washed my hair was Saturday.

    "I'm the worst mum for saying 'You've gotta have a shower Eliza, don't be soapy, get upstairs. You've got to have a shower every day, it's really important."

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    The actress, famed for playing Sonia Fowler, added that on Saturday she had her hair coloured and got in the shower later, adding: "Sunday, I had a house full, very busy. Yesterday, I was really, really ill. And then this morning, got up, had the kids.

    "Done stuff in the house and had a shower. How bad is that though? When you're not well you don't fancy it do ya?"

    Natalie shares her daughter Joanie with cameraman husband Marc Humphrey, while she welcomed Eliza back in 2011 with her ex Ben Porter.

    It comes after she confessed that the EastEnders set stinks because of gone off milk in the Minute Mart.

    She spilled: “There was a few times we’ve opened that Minute Mart fridge before and I’ve been like, ‘F***ing hell! Someone’s died in here.

    "There were a few milks in the fridge that were real and the smell – not good."


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