Eamonn Holmes recalls Ruths banshee wail after discovering poo on carpet

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This Morning's Eamonn Holmes has recalled the time he left wife Ruth Langsford raging when she noticed an unfortunate mess all over their cream carpet.

Eamonn recently cancelled his work commitments after announcing he had tested positive for Covid-19.

Now, appearing on the ‘What’s Upset You Now?’ Podcast, the public figure delved into some of his biggest gripes and shared the story of how he once annoyed his wife after feeding their dog crisps.

Eamonn revealed that one of his favourite past-times is sitting down with a bag of Wotsits crisps and remembered one occasion when feeding his dog the bright orange snack went horribly wrong.

“The worst thing I ever did, was I’m sitting reading the newspapers, and I have a little delicacy, I like a bag of Wotsits," he began.

“And I open up the bag of Wotsits, and I have them flat, and it’s sitting on the table.

“So I’m enjoying this very very much, and the blooming dog comes up beside me, you get the dog looking at you. You give the dog one and he’s still looking at you."

So, fed up of being pestered, Eamonn described how he fetched a smaller bag of the bright orange crisps for the dog, which went down a treat, albeit against his wife’s strict dietary policy for the pet.

“Ruth prepares the dog’s food meticulously. It’s only dry food, I don’t know where she gets it, it’s flown in from Hungary or somewhere. The dog eats better than I do,” he noted.

Eamonn then explained that his house is fitted with cream carpets, setting the scene for the disastrous events to follow.

He continued: “The next morning, I hear, ‘ahhh!’ This banshee wail, as Ruth’s running round and saying, ‘what’s happened to the carpets? Oh my god’.

“She said, ‘the dog has pooed all over the carpet, the dog has diarrhea all over the carpet’.”

Eamonn quickly hired a man to clean the carpets, but this wasn’t the end of the story. He asked the cleaner if the colourful stains had been removed and was given the worst reply.

He said: “So I’m sitting downstairs and I said, ‘is it all okay?’ And he goes, ‘no no no, I’ve never seen anything like that before. We got rid of the poo, it’s all fine, but I can’t get the stain out’.

“‘The stain’s orange. I’ve tried everything, every peroxide, every chemical, I can’t get it out’.”

Ruth interjected: “What does that tell you?”

Eamonn remembered that the cleaner continued: “‘Well I don’t know what that dog ate, but it’s radioactive, it’s glowing on the carpet’.”

After the event, and seeking to justify his actions, the presenter explained: “It was expediency, I just wanted it to shut up and go away. I was just reading the papers.”

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