Danny Dyer checked into psychiatric ward after life spiralled out of control

Former EastEnders actor Danny Dyer has shared how he checked himself into a psychiatric unit to spend a month working on his mental health struggles.

He recalled flying over South Africa to spend a month in a place he sometimes calls a "psychiatric unit" and sometimes "rehab".

He also chose to avoid to stay at celebrity-favourite The Priory as he wanted to work on himself away from "linen sheets or candles or any of that b*****ks".

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Danny went into detail about his past struggles during his chat with The Times. He said: "When you go to therapy, fame doesn't exist. It's stripped away,"

"You have to learn to be true to yourself. That's what you need to be every single day when you open your eyes and bounce out of bed."

The 45-year-old looked back on the moment his father left their family home when he was just 13-years-old, which was closely followed by his grandfather's death and, in his later years, the death of his mentor Harold Pinter in 2008.

"I had a ‘f*** it’ button and I would destroy relationships before I could be left," he revealed.

"Pre that, my life was spiralling out of control and I knew I needed to get a grip on it. There’s some really tragic stories of people who don’t make it out of that dark. I’ve got quite a nutty brain.

"I needed to learn how to calm down and meditation has come into my life and breath work and all this stuff that really helps me," Danny added.

He went on to share how "men aren't very good at dealing with stuff," but admitted that after working on his mental health, he and his father are in a good place.

With his own four children, Danny says he loves "constantly kissing and cuddling my kids. I love it. I need it."

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