Corries Colson Smith wore disguise to go jogging before huge 10st weight loss

Coronation Street star Colson Smith has revealed how he wore a disguise to go jogging as he was embarrassed about his size – before shedding an incredible 10st in weight.

The 22-year-old actor has spoken out about his weight loss journey and confessed he put on a balaclava to run to hide his identity.

The star began his gruelling fitness regime in January last year, and has come so far as he has since lost a whopping 10st in weight.

When he first started his fitness sessions, he went out jogging but he would stick on a balaclava, hat and even a scarf around his face to stay hidden from passers by.

Taking to Instagram, Colson posted a video of his landmark first run on January 10, 2020 with the caption: "Earlier I posted my morning run, and after I posted it I thought about how far I'd come in my running and my general life.

"If I’d have seen that post on my feed back then I’d have hated it, it would have seemed impossible and a million miles away."

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He continued: "I was embarrassed to be seen so I went out at witching hour in disguise."

In the video, an earlier Colson could be seen out of breath and veiled in his disguise.

Colson then gave an inspiring message to his followers urging them to try running and that everyone starts somewhere.

"Everyone has to start somewhere. Try it, you really do deserve it," he told his followers.

Back then it took him 21 minutes to run under two miles but his latest running times have gone through the roof as he celebrated running three miles in 18 minutes.

He wrote to his fans on Monday morning: "First time I’ve maxed out on a training run for a few weeks, keep on hitting those goals."

Colson first opened up about his weight loss journey in Bored Of Being The Fat Kid, a documentary in March.

After the film was released, the actor shared how he faced abuse from soap fans at the mere age of 11.

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He told The Sun: "At 11 years old I had a Twitter account. You log in, you search your name, you search ‘Craig Corrie’ and you’re looking to see what people are saying about your character or your acting, and all they’re saying is about your weight and the way you look.

“I was being branded as just the fat kid from day one. Even at school I was always the fat kid, I was always the odd one out.”

He explained how he gained weight after he moved away from home to Manchester and ate Deliveroo takeaways "every night".

He said: "I got myself into a really unhealthy position. Food was a self harm to me like that, it was my comfort, and I didn't realise how much damage I was doing to myself with it."

However, he said that running was his key to losing all the weight and he went on to admit he fell in love with running, and that it made everything easier.

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