Carol Vorderman, 60, pours curves into new pair of skintight khaki leggings

Carol Vorderman managed to bridge the gap between athleisure and tailored trousers with her latest purchase, sourcing some stylish khaki-green leggings.

The radio host, 60, captured a selfie in her new trousers, which feature military-inspired pockets on the legs and rear, before sweeping up into a high-waisted finish.

Known as the "cargo fitness leggings," the trousers are from Firm Abs Fitness, cut from breathable double-faced fabric, and retail at $55 (around £39).

Posing to the side, Carol described the yoga pants as her "lockdown leggings," pairing them with a fitted black long-sleeved T-shirt.

In her caption, she quipped: "New leggings for lazy a**e….I think I can get away with these as trousers….just…Lockdown Leggings Mamma."

The comment section below was filled with messages from her fans, who were keen to figure out how to mimic Carol's sense of style.

"I love the leggings!! Where are they from?!" wondered one, and a second added: "Where are they from? I don't recognise the logo because I have no clue about clothes."

Carol has an impressive collection of workout gear thanks to her dedication to fitness, having ramped up her exercise regime since January.

The former Countdown presenter, who turned 60 last Christmas, decided to welcome the new decade with a revised approach to fitness and nutrition.

Documenting her progress on social media, the mum-of-two has upped her weight lifting, doing home workouts and building up muscle in recent months.

And, when it comes to nutrition, Carol has been practising intermittent fasting, an eating pattern that reduces the window of time in which you consume meals.

Opening up about her fitness journey in February, she told fans: "I've found an ‘ab'.

"Actually getting stronger and weights at my age helps everything inside…….and I LOVE it."

In another update, she added: "I'm getting a little bit proud of myself because I'm upping the weights now, it's a nice feeling.

"And I'm back on my intermittent fasting. The last time I ate was 6pm last night and I've been on a five mile walk."

On top of that, Carol is a firm fan of glute exercises, previously telling host Lorraine Kelly she probably does around "20,000" squats each year.

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