Beyonce's Dad Sued For Nearly $400k

Matthew Knowles is back in the headlines, and it’s not related to any major music projects he’s working on. Knowles is being accused of skipping out on a lease agreement and causing a company hundreds of thousands of dollars. In his countersuit, Knowles says the management company is at fault. 

Matthew Knowles hit with a lawsuit

The Jasmine Brand reports that Beyoncé’s father and former manager is up against a six-figure lawsuit. Knowles, 69, and his company, Music World Entertainment Holdings, is being sued by the Decorative Center of Houston (DCH). Knowles reportedly rented office space.

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DCH alleges that Mathew Knowles violated his seven-year lease. Knowles reportedly signed the lease in 2017 and is said to be in violation by vacating the premises early. DCH also claims that Knowles owes about $108k in unpaid rent. As a result, DCH says Knowles leaving has caused them $282k.

DCH says they were able to get another tenant in the space, but at a lower monthly rate and “for a time period less than the remaining lease term for the defendant.” Thus, they are requesting more than the amount reportedly owed by Knowles. Now, DCH is suing the company, Music World Entertainment Holdings, for $390k.

The music manager fights back

Knowles is responding to the lawsuit in a countersuit. He is denying all claims of wrongdoing and wants the case to be dismissed altogether. Per Knowles, DCH is the guilty party for violating the terms of their agreement. He says the company did so through creating a “disruptive working environment that detrimentally impaired Music World’s business operations.”

The entertainment manager says did not maintain the property as expected. He says that during his time at the property, he experienced issues like power outages, plumbing problems, and water shut-offs. 

Knowles claims to have notified the company that he was terminating the lease in June 2020. He says the constant issues in the building impacted his work, noting that he works with “high profile artists and clients” and chose the space because he felt it would be great to handle business. Some of the business Knowles says he needed the space for was to adhere to his “strict deadlines and is very dependent on scheduled events like televised interviews, photoshoots, and important meetings.”

Furthermore, Knowles says the building owner is racist. He says he overheard his landlord once say that he “does not want any N—-rs in the building.”

Not only does Knowles want the lawsuit dismissed, but he also wants his attorney fees covered.

Matthew Knowles has had legal issues previously

Knowles has not had the best of luck since his divorce from Beyoncé’s mother in 2009. Since then, Knowles had battled paternity suits from two women who say that despite him legally being proven as their children’s father, he has been absent. Knowles reportedly has two additional children, a son named Nixon who was conceived out of an affair, and a daughter named Koi. 

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He’s also had to deal with finding other sources of income since Beyoncé, as well as her former bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, fired him as their manager. Beyoncé has been open about how letting her father go from his managerial duties put a strain on their relationship.

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