Avril Lavigne Infuriates Christian Fans with Her Latest Single

“I’ll [have] to unfollow you now,” one of many critics announced.

Avril Lavigne has angered some of her Christian fans.

Over the weekend, the pop-punk queen shared what many believe are stills from her upcoming music video for her latest single, "I Fell in Love with the Devil," which she dropped in February.

If the ballad’s title weren’t enough to ruffle the feathers of the singer’s evangelical critics, this promo shot surely was.


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Sporting a black-hooded cloak, matching gloves, a thick choker, her signature smokey eye, long blonde locks and a crucifix, the singer stands in a dark forest, looking up at the sky.

In the track’s chorus, she sings, "I fell in love with the devil / And now I’m in trouble / I fell in love with the devil / I’m underneath his spell (ah) / Someone send me an angel / To lend me a halo / I fell in love with the devil / Please, save me from this hell."

In a later verse, Avril says, "Angels and devils always fight over me (fight over me) / Take me to heaven, wake me up from this dream / Even in sunlight a cloud shadows over me (shadow over me) / It’s now or never, wake me up from this dream."


While Lavigne’s die-hard supporters understand that the singer’s known for her Gothic-chic, boundary-pushing looks and lyrics, her critics are furious. Some even noted she should be grateful to God for her health and career given her public battle with Lyme Disease since the fall of 2014.

"You need Jesus," one Instagram user commented, noting that they were also unhappy with Avril’s other new release, "Head Above Water."

"God saved you and blessed you with another opportunity to choose. Now you have this crap? Man, what a shame," the critic continued. "I’ve been a fan since you came out, [but] this is a turnoff. Get your soul right with Jesus. [He’s the] only one who can save you, yet you hold his cross and blaspheme his name? I pray for your salvation."

"Are you Christian? Or are you mocking of Jesus?" another dissenter wrote, as a third announced the image left them no choice but to unfollow the singer’s account.

"I’ll [have] to unfollow you now," the person wrote. "How can you fall in love with Devil when God created you with amazing talent, which made [you] so famous? Thank God for the blessings, not Devil.

In "Head Above Water" — which Avril released in the fall of 2018 — she sings, "God, keep my head above water," a sentiment some people believe has been discredited by her new lyrics.

"God, keep my head above water…falls in love with the devil? Ummmm k. No, thanks. He’s not someone to be playing with. But you do you," one dissenter wrote, while another replied, "Still think her ‘Head Above Water’ is about God? Nope."

"You need Jesus, young lady. So disappointing to see you playing with religious symbols," someone else noted, while another commented, "I’m a huge fan, but I don’t really, really like it because I am a Christian," prompting one of Lavigne’s fans to rush to her defense.

"A lot of you guys are saying about how Avril is making fun of God and making satanic references by this song and photo," this person explained. "The metaphor, ‘I fell in love with the devil,’ means that she fell in love with a bad person and she was in a toxic relationship with them. Another example of this is her song, ‘Birdie.’ She is basically saying that she fell in love with a bad person and she is praying to God to help her manage and break free when she says, ‘Someone send me an angel.’"

They added, "So don’t comment shit before you actually listen to and understand the song."

TooFab has reached out to Lavigne seeking comment.


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