Adele kicked out of interview in awkward moment as mortified host apologises

Adele has made quite the comeback with Go Easy On Me but she was accidentally kicked out of a radio interview to promote the new single.

Presenters James Barr and Fleur East were eagerly awaiting talking to Adele, when James accidentally gave the star the boot from their chat.

His eyes widened in horror when he realised what had happened.

"Oh god! I just – hang on sorry, I pressed the wrong button! Sorry!" James said in horror.

Co-host Fleur joked: "Did you just cancel Adele?"

"I just cancelled Adele!" exclaimed James.

"She's just coming back, I think," he added, as the superstar appeared onscreen again, saying "hey!"

"This is my first Zoom work thing!" said Adele, fortunately seeming none the wiser about what happened.

"Well it started well as I accidentally kicked you out," confessed James.

"I completely stayed off it, on purpose, it's hell apparently," added Adele, "but here we are!" with her inimitable laugh.

Adele's fan pages couldn't get enough of the clip and soon shared it on social media.

"He was scared for his job, I just know it," joked one.

"The way his soul left his body," laughed another.

"Not him deleting Adele from the meeting lol," said one fan.

Others complimented Adele's look for the chat, with one raving: "Her hair and that red dress! Stunning!"

James shared the viral video clip fans had posted, joking: "Fame at last!"

Adele released her new single Go Easy On Me, and she's given some hints of what to expect from her forthcoming album, 30.

She told Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2: "There were three options for the first single. Very different, all of them. There's obviously 'Easy On Me', then there's another one…

"I got very into Goldfrapp and I was like 'I can do this music too!' I can do one song, I definitely couldn't pull off what Alison [Goldfrapp] does, she's the absolute queen."

She added: "There's another one that's very 70s, piano singer-songwritery. Just very Carpenters, very Elton."

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