You’ve probably been showering wrong – and it may make you feel more tired

Showering is something we should be doing everyday (hopefully), however did you know there was a right and wrong way to do it?

Well there is apparently, according to Self Magazine.

It says that coming out of a steamy shower and stepping into cool air causes a sudden drop in body temperature, which leads to a more relaxed state.

To avoid this sleepy state, you should try to end your showers with bursts of cold, then hot and cold water again.

So, just before you come out of the shower, put on the freezing cold water for 30 seconds and turn it back to hot, before whacking the cold on again.

It's claimed that the sudden change from cold water back to hot opens up the capillaries underneath skin, which increases blood flow.

Cold water immersion has been linked to an increased stress tolerance, a stronger immune system and increased fat burning, according to research, as well as having anti-depressant effects.

You may just have to make yourself get used to a cold blast though!

The research comes after a doctor also gave tips on showering last year.

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According to Dr James Hamblin, there may be no point in using soap and other fancy products.

In his book, Clean: The New Science of Skin, the author said cleaning agents can affect the balance of natural microbiomes.

He wrote: “While we have long thought about our skin as a barrier to separate us from the outside world, growing knowledge about the microbiome suggests that skin is instead a dynamic interface with our environment.”

Basically, slathering our bodies in soap can confuse our body’s natural responses to dirt.

For this reason, Dr Hamblin says he's decided to swerve the products altogether.

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