You’ve been ordering your Nando’s all wrong – here’s five tricks to save you over £21

WE all love a cheeky Nando's – but you can make it even cheekier by using these five tricks to help you save £21 on your favourite meals.

With families facing a cost of living crisis, you might be feeling the pinch – but there are ways to eat out at the chicken chain without breaking the bank.

It comes as treating the family to dinner out, transport costs and even a pint down at the pub cost households £1,800 more by the end of last year, experts estimated.

But while prices soar, low income families are struggling to get by after the Universal Credit £20 uplift was cut in October last year.

It means that every saving helps – that's why if you're planning a trip to Nando's soon, The Sun spoke to savvy savers who never pay full price for their meal.

From ordering family platters to coming prepared with gift cards, here's how you can keep more of your well-earned cash in your pocket.

Buy gift cards – save £5

You might want to think about buying yourself some Nando's giftcards the next time you go to your local restaurant.

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Nando's fan Katy Stevens, who runs the finance blog Katy Kicker, uses a nifty trick where she can bag £40 worth of food for just £35.

If you are a Costco member, you can buy £40 worth of gift cards for £34.99 – which means you're saving yourself just over £5.

"When eating out at Nandos I like to use gift cards to help save a few extra pounds – and you can use gift cards alongside promotional offers and vouchers for in store spends," she said.

But the catch is that you have to be a Costco member – which means signing up to an annual subscription to the bargain retailer for £15.

Order a platter – save £10

Got lots of hungry mouths to feed? Order a family platter and save yourself a tenner.

The Family Platter at Nando's costs £46.50 and feeds up to six people, including two whole chickens and five large sides.

Budget buster Charlotte Jessop, who runs the money saving blog  Looking After Your Pennies, says she saves £10.45 doing this instead of ordering individual meals for her and her family.

She also has a nifty way of getting more chips for less.

"Whenever we want two portions of chips we always order a large portion instead.  Not only do you save 40p, but you actually get more chips."

Use cashback apps – save £2.50

Using cashback websites can be a great way of putting money back in your wallet when you shop at big retailers and chains.

These sites – and apps – work by agreeing deals with companies, and passing down the savings to the consumer.

Joseph Seager, who runs the King of Cashback blog, uses the app Jam Doughnut to save money on his trips to Nando's.

"If you're ordering Nandos delivery via Deliveroo, buy a Deliveroo gift card on the Jam Doughnut app to save 5% in cashback," he said.

"So £50 would actually only cost you £47.50 after you get your cash back."

Make your own sauce – save from 65p

Nando's isn't Nando's without lashings of "Perinaise" slapped on top of your chicken and chips.

But tubs of the good stuff will set you back 65p – and as it's likely that you'll order at least two, the extra cost all adds up.

But you can avoid forking out extra by making your own version in the restaurant.

One Nando's fan has revealed that by adding medium sauce to a few sachets of mayo, which you'll usually find by the cutlery, you'll end up with something that tastes pretty similar.

Cut down on drinks – save from £3.45

You'll want a drink to wash down your grub with – but they can be pricey.

A bottomless fizzy drink option can cost up to £3.45 – if you're feeding the whole family that can soon add up.

But this nifty tip from blogger and deals hunter Holly Smith, who runs the website Coupon Queen, means you can still have a tasty drink without paying a penny.

"Order water, but take a water flavourer to the restaurant with you," she said.

"I always keep a Robinsons Squash’d in my bag – they are only £1.50 at Asda.

"A little squirt gives tap water a lovely flavour and saves you money on buying flavoured drinks at the restaurant."

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