WWD Report Card: All Hail Kornacki’s Khakis

Anderson Cooper: 👏

When delivering an instantly iconic line you need to look timeless. The sharply tailored navy suit paired with the sleek silver tie and thick black frames — and perfectly coiffed gray hair — are the opposite of “an obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun realizing his time is over.


Chris Wallace: 🥴

Always channeling that overly chatty uncle at a family daytime baptism, the softly tailored gray suit worn over the red rep tie and matching pocket square feels straight from a bygone era. 


John King: 😉

The CNN star is rightfully trending on social for this polished look in the midst of chaos. The silver fox daddy look is refreshing and tasteful. 


David Muir: 😵

Muir is the fashion star of the pack. His perfectly tailored sharp suit, ultra skinny tie and dark tonal color palette work as well delivering election updates as they would on a red carpet awards show. 


Rachel Maddow: 👏

Maddow’s look is a uniform that is super-together, but past the trimmed haircut and minimal black blazer she tops our list for dream dinner party guest. 


Nora O’Donnell: 👏

She successfully walks the line between sartorial heritage with powerful femininity. The shoulder volume detail and the ruffle at the bottom of the skirt add a personal fashion touch to the otherwise straightforward ensemble. 


Steve Kornacki: 😍

In a sea of perfectly tailored suits, the one who is getting all the attention this week is Kornacki, clad in Gap khakis. His look is very casual Friday Nineties redux and his average joe outfits, together with pen and calculator, have created a wave of thirst. Kornacki’s khakis are the saving grace of this week. 


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