Worlds hottest gran plans poolside Xmas and vows to eat weight loss turkey

The "world's hottest gran" plans to bathe by the poolside this Christmas – and she is not shying away from tucking into a traditional festive dinner.

Gina Stewart, 52, is recognised globally for her age-defying appearance.

She puts her youthful looks down to healthy eating and relaxation, among other anti-aging secrets.

But even though the festive season is known for indulging, the health-conscious influencer isn't keeping away from the turkey and potatoes this year.

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In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, the gran-of-three revealed how she enjoys the delights of the yuletide without risking her fawned over looks.

"Christmas in Australia it’s usually hot and beautiful weather", Gina explained.

"So this year we thought we would have a poolside Christmas with family and friends at a resort by the ocean, family can drop in and enjoy it more.

While the bikini clad gran bathes in the sun, the turkey will be cooking in the oven along with all the trimmings.

"Christmas can still be healthy so I like to keep it festive and traditional with turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy, pumpkin etc", Gina said.

"Also adding a smoked salmon wreath. Made from avocado, salmon , baby cucumber peeled into ribbons , shallots , eggs, radish , olive oil, limes, served with crusty bread or crackers."

After having her first child at 19 – and now mum to an eight-year-old – Gina likes to keep fit and hopes that the Christmas bird can aid 'weight loss'.

"Christmas dinner can actually be better for us than we think, and has a whole host of hidden benefits that we probably didn’t realise", Gina wrote on her Instagram health page.

"So stack your plate with sprouts and have an extra helping of turkey!"

The sizzling hot gran also claims turkey 'boosts metabolism' and the "Niacin , Potassium and Zinc will cause you to drop weight."

Good excuse for a double serving then…

"The way I see it – we have one body in life", the sexy gran told Daily Star.

"We need to love and take great care of it to live a health positive lifestyle and to live a longer life span would be optimising our life to the highest possible standard that we owe to ourselves .

"Why wouldn’t we want that for ourselves and our family and friends."

Gina's top tips to enjoying a healthy Christmas

  • Eat mindfully
  • Choose healthier
  • Don’t drink sugar
  • Stay hydrated
  • Fill your plate with whole foods
  • Choose your indulgences wisely
  • Aim for plenty of salad and vegetables so you feel full
  • Alcohol 1 to 2 drinks limit
  • Don’t over indulge

But keep in mind the gorgeous gran is not a health professional so her claims should be taken with a pinch of salt.


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