Women spend £580 at pub after few quiet ones with pals turns into 11-hour sesh

A couple of women who went out having drinks with friends thinking to have a "few quiet ones" have shared the eye-watering drinks receipt which totalled £580.

TikTok users Thamara and Suelen posted a never-ending receipt with dozens of beers and spirits on their account and viewers were stunned by the amount of alcohol they ordered.

They said: "Come for a 'few quiet ones'…that's what they said!"

They visited the Railway Bar in Drogheda, Ireland and went on an 11-hour drinking session on Saturday, August 28.

In the clip, the receipt shows the group ordered 26 pints of Guinness at €4.80 (£4.10) each, 10 shots of tequila at €5 each (£4.27), 10 shots of Jägermeister and beers like Coors, Moretti, Carlsberg and Heineken.

It also included 26 open bar tabs. The total amount hit a staggering €679.9 (£580).

While it is not clear who paid for it, Thamara and Suelen said: "My bank account is feeling hungover as well because it was my treat.

"But six of us drinking in a 1pm to 12am ride."

Pub-goers were taken aback and said the price for a pint was "surprisingly cheap".

One said: "That's very reasonable prices… not like the rip-off we have in Dublin."

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"The pints are cheap as f***," a second wrote but a third said: "How is Coors more expensive than Guinness?"

A forth joked: "When the phrase 'drinks on me' goes…"

Thamara and Suelen explained that pubs only allowed six people at one table so they went with the maximum group number.

"The regret is real, we didn't remember peanuts at the time, don't remember a lot," they wrote.

Meanwhile a woman was left fuming for paying £30 at The Shard for a "breakfast with a view".

She was not impressed and said her meal – with a piece of chicken, a potato and a blob of brown sauce – was "more plate than food".

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