Woman’s sinister find in hospital room: ‘Something was looking at me’

A woman has shared the unsettling find her mother-in-law made during a hospital stay – and it will make you think twice about staring at the ceiling.

The Brisbane woman shared how her mother-in-law had spotted an unusual shape in the vents above her bed and even sensed that it might be moving.

“It would blink, move, and look around the room. Sometimes it was there, other times it wasn’t,” she wrote, according to 7news.com.au.

“She could feel something looking at her, keeping an eye on her.

“She would think the nurses were coming around to check her as she could feel people touching her, waking her up, but there was no one there.”

The woman’s mother-in-law was convinced that “something was looking at her”, however, not everyone was convinced.

“As someone who has spent a lot of time in hospital, most of the vents that I have seen anyways have that silver ventilation tubing,” one person wrote.

But others said they could see why the woman thought it was a figure, as the shape “looks like fingers” or a “blonde-haired man”.

However several others agreed that it was most likely a possum, with one person saying they had “one peer at me from aircon vents” before.

Whatever it is, we won’t be peering into any air vents any time soon.

It’s not the only time someone has spotted a creepy detail in a social media post, with a video on TikTok going viral last year after a mysterious shape was spotted in the background.

TikTok user Reubix_Cube posted the video of himself busting some moves to Doja Cat’s Say So while he says he was home alone.

But social media users watching the clip, which was filmed in a lounge room where stairs leading to the next floor were visible, spotted something sinister happening in the background while he danced away seemingly unaware.

Commenters pointed out a dark shadow that appears momentarily at the top of the stairs, describing it as looking like someone “poking their head” around the corner.

However, not everyone was convinced the video was genuine, suggesting it was staged deliberately to go viral on the platform.

“Obviously this is planned, the caption says ‘I was home alone,’ (he) wanted us to know,” one person wrote.

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