Woman with worlds biggest mouth shares what she feeds her gape on holiday

The woman with 'world’s largest mouth' has revealed what she eats in a day while on holiday – and she does not hold back.

Jetting off to another country means that trying new foods is inevitable.

So Sam Ramsdell and her Guinness World Record holding gape made the most of a trip to Bucharest, Romania.

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With the 32-year-old's mouth being able to stretch to a whopping 6.52cm, the American is not afraid of munching on new foods – she previously attempted to eat a giant hot cross bun.

Posting to her millions of TikTok followers, Sam took her adoring fans on a trip to see what she stuffs her gob with in 24 hours.

Sam opened her mouth wide while she stuck her thumb up to the camera and said: “What I eat in a day as a big gape girly in Romania.”

First off, she started with a breakfast made up of a croissant and yoghurt cereal along with a cappuccino.

As she stuck the flaky pastry in her mouth, Sam took a bite and said: “And here’s a little bite for the haters. Just a 10 out of 10 breakfast all around.”

Sam then took herself and her gape off to a bakery to satisfy her sweet tooth – and she even had a boozy daytime tipple.

The world record holder munched half a raspberry macaroon and said it was so good she would “regurgitate” it to re-eat it.

She washed it down with an espresso martini and then later went for a Romanian beer.

And, of course, the pint was no match for Sam and her large mouth.

Later on in the day, Sam treated herself to some Romanian cuisine – but could not stomach all of the delicious food no matter how much she munched with her mega mouth.

Sweetly, she gave some leftovers to a stray cat on the street.

Not before she washed her grub down with some Prosecco though!


Seems like Sam and her mouth had a good holiday…

Previously, the American took followers on a trip to the dentist where Sam revealed she receives top notch treatment.

Her dentist even rolls a red carpet out for the appointment!


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