Woman sprays crotch with air freshener as she dances in front of police officer

A woman left TikTok users in hysterics as she gyrated in front of a police officer while spraying air freshener on her crotch.

In the video, which has gained more than 105,000 likes, the brazen woman was seen spraying what appears to be a pink bottle of Febreeze on her crotch as she sang: "Freshen up your punani for the coppers."

The song was a parody version of a viral meme of a crowd of drunk women singing "freshen up you p****i for your boyfriend" – meaning freshen up your vagina – in a nightclub toilets with the bathroom attendant.

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The woman, who was wearing black jacket, jumpsuit and belt bag, was seen gyrating towards a police officer who was sat on the couch, looking visibly unimpressed as he shook his head.

However, the five-second clip clearly tickled the ribs of many TikTok users as they flocked to the comments to poke fun at the incident.

One user wrote: "Omg absolutely howling."

Another added: "His little head shake at the end tho."

A third said: "Funniest middle-age mum joke."

A fourth commented: "That’s hilarious man."

But not everyone found it hilarious, as some shamed the woman for her behaviour, writing: "What in the name of universal credit is this?"

Another added: "Cheaper that a bargain sale at Poundland."

The news comes after a video began circulating online showing a woman removing her underwear before squatting on a bloke's face, apparently for a bet, in a packed beer garden.

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The clip was allegedly shot at music venue Chinnerys in Southend, Essex as the sun beat down on a beer garden beside a busy road.

Several blokes cheer on the woman as she begins to squat, with one yelling "100 quid, go, go!" as the man recording the grim clip repeats the figure.

The woman, who looks to be in her mid to late forties, then covers her face and squats as the group of men cheer.


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