Woman shocked when laughing husband explains why ‘ceiling light’ has no switch

A husband explaining to his wife how the "ceiling light" works in their home has left people speechless after going viral on social media.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by user @ Tatertot_xx, he jokingly stands on the landing next to his wife and points at a skylight, asking her: "That light never goes out. Why?"

Angrily, his wife says that none of the switches in the house seem to be connected to the light.

Taking him downstairs, she flicks a few switches and says: "Go try all those downstairs.

"I swear to God, it doesn't f***ing go out."

Somehow keeping a straight face, her husband gently exposes her awkward mistake.

"Babe, it's a skylight," he says.

As her eyes widen, he explains that the sunlight is the culprit, not the home's wiring.

"So there's a hole cut out on the roof for that?" she says, sounding astonished.

"Feel stupid?", her husband asks, sniggering.

"Yeah, I do," she hits back.

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The clip has been watched more than 1.2 million times and received hundreds of comments since it was uploaded yesterday, November 16.

Not everyone was buying it, and some people had a lot of questions.

"She never saw it off at night or what?" asked one baffled person.

A second said: "Really? How long had she lived there?"

Other people were more sympathetic, with one writing: "Not gonna lie, the house I'm in now has one of these and it took me a couple of days to figure it out."

Someone else claimed he was once visiting a family who asked him why their skylight "turned off" automatically at night time.

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