Woman mortified as £95 tattoo of dog turns out to be worst money ever spent

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A woman was left fuming when she walked out a tattoo studio with a complete different inking than she asked for.

Chey, from Ohio in US, said she spent $125 (£95) to get a tribute tattoo for her beloved dog.

She brought along an inspiration picture to show the artist, which was a paw with a dog's snout in the centre.

But sadly, the sweet design ended up being lost in translation.

"Worst $125 (£95) I've spent," she complained in the TikTok video that was first posted in July.

The nursing aide shared a clip of the tattoo she got – and we can see why she was annoyed as the pads are all squished and the canine's snout is not aligned to the centre.

Yellow and pink coloured ink was added but it didn't do much to rescue Chey's tattoo.

She called the tatt "comedy gold" and added: "It looked completely opposite to the stencil."

Some viewers agreed and shared their thoughts on the tattoo.

One said: "People really need to look into the artist before, so many people just walk right on in."

"The detail and colour is amazing but this was not what you were going for lmao I get where you're coming from I've had the same thing happen," another wrote.

In other news, a woman shared her tattoo fail when her tattoo artist misspelled a common male name "John".

Kimberly said she wanted to pay tribute to her parent and visited a tattoo studio to get her dad's name inked on her arm but she realised the spelling mistake when it's done.

The cursive writing tattoo is spelled as J-H-O-N, rather than J-O-H-N.

The devastated woman realised it's not possible to cover up the inking so she decided to get it removed and redone the second time.

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